ASCIRA Launches Latin America Operations

ASCIRA officially launched its operations in Latin America with a four-day event called VISION OF AMERICAS, which was one of the most spectacular and unique event the entire industry has ever seen.

Prior to the event, John Sachtouras was interviewed by more than thirty media news TV and Radio stations nationwide and featured in one of the most important local newspapers Lideres and the International Diner Club magazine.

It is important to note, that Mr. Sachtouras, is well known in Ecuador for many years as he had made great donations and contributions to orphanages, hospitals, and public entities.


He had also given voluntary lectures at various universities. He has received the highest academic award called Simon Bolivar, from the University Pacífico.

Many ASCIRA leaders arrived to attend this incredible event from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, United States, Canada, Spain, Greece and Dubai. The Prime Ambassador, Mr. Dimitrios Gakis also was present along with several Diamonds from Greece and Germany. Also present was Mr. Steve Martin, Leadership Development Director of ASCIRA, from Canada.

The event started on September 30th, where selected leaders were driven by private ASCIRA branded buses to visit the Middle of the World Monument in Quito, followed by a spectacular dinner at a historical site the Panecllio, at the highest point in the city with an amazing night view of the city. During dinner, fireworks lighted the sky, which was especially ordered to honor the special guests.

October 1st, will be a memorable day for many people in ASCIRA as it was the first time in the industry of network marketing, that a company used a 737 Super Turbo commercial plane, fully designed and branded, including the flight stewards and captains.

Upon checking at the International Airport of Quito, there was an ASCIRA checking counter, with customized and branded boarding passes, and exclusive waiting area with a welcome red-carpet to enter the plane.


Every ASCIRA passenger on the ASCIRA flight 3927, departing from Quito to Manta had the most amazing flying experience of their life.

On arrival in Manta, government authorities, police and military officers, along with leaders from churches and private sector, were waiting to receive and greet Mr. Sachtouras with the highest honors.

They recognized and appreciated the vision and mission of ASCIRA to share the Treasure of Knowledge with the citizens of Ecuador and for all the additional services, as well as the great opportunity ASCIRA offers to contribute to the economy of the country.

This first day of the event was the Millionaire Mindset Training. Hundreds of attendees learned from John about the methods needed to think and succeed, how to start and build a solid organization worldwide, and many gold nuggets from his decades of experience in business.

The training included tips, suggestions, and most important for the attendees, they saw the documentation and the results of proven success.

The second day of the event started with the arrival of all the ASCIRA Diamonds and above, along with the John Sachtouras, in private helicopters to the landing area of the hotel.

This event supercharged every one’s emotion including ASCIRA members, special guests, public authorities, as well as the media press.

The entire event was filled with excitement, prizes, and recognition. The Founder Members of ASCIRA who were present at the event, along with other leaders, were recognized on stage for their contribution and support with the presentations and training.

At the closing of the event there was a special recognition of the two new ASCIRA Diamonds of Ecuador, Mr. Mauricio Flores and his wife Mrs. Monica and Mr. Mauricio Manosalvas and his wife Alexandra.

Also, recognition was given to Mr. Diego Cajigal and is wife Lizbet Fonseca, as the new Double Diamonds. Excellent evidence of success, result of commitment, and work ethics.

The following and last day of the event, October 3rd, selected leaders were invited to enjoy a few hours in the ocean of Manta in private yates and have amazing time. ASCIRA is all about the people… educate, teach, train, help, earn money, have fun and enjoy a beautiful lifestyle.

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