Amir And Amila Zuzic Achieve Double Diamond Rank At Rain International

Amir and Amila Zuzic, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, have accomplished a goal that most only set out to do.

They are an amazing power couple that have set an influential example to everyone they have encountered.  They are new to the world of networking and are proving that people can reach their goals.

This dynamic couple are changing the lives of thousands in their home country of Bonsnia and Herzegovina. Amir and Amila have a family of three beautiful children and their passion is helping others with their health and drive to reach their goals.

Reaching the rank of Double Diamond is no small accomplishment. In only two and a half years the Zuzic’s have created a legacy team from having zero experience in networking to a team of thousands of partners in multiple countries.

They are growing at an extraordinary rate and in only a few short months their team was able to double volume and take them from Diamond Elite to Double Diamond Elite.

They are proof that focus, determination, and passion is the recipe for surviving and thriving during a pandemic where others make excuses. The Zuzic’s exemplify true entrepreneurship.

Amir stated,

“if we can accomplish things so can you.” 

They have already set their next goal, to reach the top rank of Rain International, Triple Black Rain Diamond, and there is no doubt that they will reach that pinnacle.

Amir and Amila are so very grateful for their upline’s support in this journey. Amir thanked their mentor Nina Salkic for all her time and dedication in helping them achieve this goal.

When speaking about Amir and Amila Zuzic, the Founder and CEO of Rain International, Byron Belka, said:

“This powerhouse couple is a true asset to Rain.  They are proving that this is possible and that dreams can come true with hard work and dedication. 


I’ve watched them from the beginning, and it is inspiring to witness how they have been able to impact the lives of others around them and how they have grown together on this journey. They truly are an inspiration.


Because of their passion and determination, I have zero doubt that they will reach Triple Black Rain Diamond.


Much of our recent success in Bosnia is due to the hard work of this incredible couple.  Their example and team building approach will continue to bless the lives of thousands.  It is a true pleasure to be associated with Amir and Amila.”

At Rain’s most recent event, Ascend, Amir addressed the entire distributor base of Rain. Their focus was on the belief that others can do what they have done.

“Believe in yourself, put in the hard work and you can make it. It is worth it. All of the lifestyle, freedom, and time we have where we can enjoy our three children.”

 Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, it comes with its ups and downs, but “it is worth it”, according to Amir.

Amir and Amila are a perfect example of this, with a growing organization that continues to pick up momentum as evidence. Congratulations to them on this wonderful achievement. We are excited to see what is next for them.

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