Valerio Di Chirico From Italy Achieves Diamond Ambassador Rank At iGenius

Valerio Di Chirico had a strong desire to get something bigger and better out of life.

At the age of  twenty-three, he realized he was following a way of life not chosen by himself. He was influenced by what society claimed was right, and he was ready for something different.

Valerio, now twenty-seven, is originally from Civitavecchia, Italy. Valerio grew up in the sports world. He played tennis until he was eighteen years old, then he moved his focus to his university studies.

While attending the university, he worked as a personal trainer so he could become economically independent. When he turned twenty-three he was ready for a change. He said,

“I didn’t want to conform to the ‘correct path’ defined by a system that imposes what is right to do. I didn’t want to undertake the conventional way imposed by society.


On the contrary, I was looking forward to taking charge of my own life, working on my own dreams, and not working for someone else. I had a goal to create something unique that could last in time.”

With a strong desire to help people, Valerio co-founded the GoFurthisTeam community, which allows all people to reach personal, professional, and economic growth. Through constant training, discipline and perseverance, Valerio increased his knowledge and skills and became a professional in this sector.

Valerio joined the network marketing world nearly five years ago and finally found a change in pace. In April, 2020 he decided to join iGenius. He said,

“I chose to join iGenius because financial education is the solution to a real need of today’s world. iGenius can truly help people solve their financial problems and live with less stress.”

With Valerio’s long-term vision, perseverance, time management, and communication skills, he recently achieved the rank of Diamond Ambassador with iGenius. When asked what helps him find success in this business, and what advice he’d give to his peers, he said,

“Service diversification allows us to have many possibilities to offer on the market for every need. For this reason, the success of the services on the market is huge.


My advice to others is to use all the services and diversify in all the markets creating competing assets. Don’t give up a service.”

Valerio is a great product of the products. He is well educated on all of the iGenius products and offerings. His favorite iGenius product is CRYPTOcore. CRYPTOcore provides cryptocurrency trade ideas and live analysis and education sessions.

Valerio’s favorite motto is “Sempre sul pezzo” (“Always stay focused”). His favorite quote is “Che tu creda di farcela o di non farcela avrai comunque ragione” (“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right”). By following these two important principles, Valerio is chasing his next goal in the business which is to achieve the rank of Presidential Ambassador.

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