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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 209 reviews)
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Est. Revenue 2020$1.00
Est. Revenue 2021$65.00
Est. per year$42.25 million
Est. per month$3.52 million
Est. per week$812,500
Est. per day$115,753
Est. per hour$4,823.06
Est. per minute$80.38
Est. per second$1.34
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 209 reviews)
lukas2022-06-23 19:56:14

IGENIUS, I dont know where to start. Its given me hope as a man who was lost in the corporate world thinking going to a job was all life was made out to be.
IGENIUS has changed my life in ways I thought only GOD could. Its allowing me to create opportunities through multiple streams of income. Things I could never dream of doing with a 9-5 and one source of income.
Creating multiple steam of income, surrounding yourself around like minded people with the strive to live a better life.
Seeing such younger people have a drive to be better and succeed, something I didnt see when I was growing up.

Martin2022-06-23 18:52:17


I've been a member for about 3 months now and I can say I'm really living a more organized and less stressed life!

The memberships were super affordable, and such a blessing to have because I didn't know half the things I know today about finance! I get to take control of my future truly, because of this company. THANKS IGENIUS
The company is very transparent and on board with all of their members, you never feel like just a another number. The services and products provided through a membership turn the everyday consumer into a producer!

There is no longer any need to randomly search the internet for the clues and keys to success, they are rite here! My life has been changed ever since I became a member.

Learn money management, fix your debt, start a business, you choose.
Receive access to College Level education along with products that can help you earn an income while your learn! Meet great leaders, many alike, across our GLOBAL network!

Marcin2022-06-23 18:50:11

genius can provide amazing education and someone can benefit a lot from it. The university is made in such a way so that everyone can follow and understand even if they are not familiar with the subject. I know I was not. There are hundreds of hours of recordings of live sessions and of tutorials. The teachers help a lot with live sessions where one can ask questions and get explanations. Also you receive many tools that can help you. There is constant support with every single thing and mindset building for success. They have managed to create a great community that supports and helps with everything.

Britani Young2022-06-09 20:20:46

I asked for an opportunity to change my life but I didn't think it would be this amazing. Truly, the people in this community have the biggest hearts and have amazing work ethic and vision that propels me forward. The amount of value and training we get is unheard of, many companies I've worked with make you pay for the value we receive on a weekly basis. I haven't seen another NWM company care so much about the personal development, skill, and personal growth as I have witnessed here. We celebrate the progress more than the outcome. We care about what's going on personally in everyone's life, and we push the newcomers to become the vest versions of themselves but only if they truly desire it themselves. I'm so grateful for my mentors and the level of professionalism we have as a company overall. Wether you're looking to make passive or full-time income, it's absolutely attainable within this community of human beings who's only obligation is to serve the collective in changing their financial circumstances and crushing their financial goals!!

Burcu Aktas2022-06-09 19:47:06

Hello everyone!!! Can I just say how good the community is in Igenius🤩 I have never came across a company that is good as Igenius! Everyone is so supportive of one another and we always help each other out when we have a question or when we are unsure about how to do something. FOREVER GRATEFUL THAT I CAME ACROSS THIS PLATFORM & LIKE MINDED PEOPLE😁😁 THEIR TRADING PRODUCTS ARE AWESOME TOO😎😝 My favourite products are Forex and Crypto! Why?? Its because I love trading currencies within the forex market and for crypto, the market is open 24/7 😃 how good can it get? Like wow the market is never closed and you can make lots of money within the crypto market 😉

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