APLGO’s Lourdes Paepke Ratching Up Latin American Markets

Lourdes Paepke  passion for Network Marketing began soon after her studies at Brigham Young University when she got her first job with a giant in the Industry; there she was exposed to many successful leaders which awakened her vision into the American Dream.

This is where she realized that the American dream is well alive and it was something that anyone could achieved from anywhere in the world—a true dreamer and believer in the industry.

Her 20 plus years of experience includes giants in the industry. Lourdes’ keen desire to learn and her ability to engage people have led her to many hands-on experiences within every aspect of a Network Marketing company.

In her career as a corporate executive, Lourdes has helped several start-up companies establish a solid brand-name & sales to success. She has traveled the world setting-up and launching new markets for companies and has led them to become top markets and hit record sales.

Her experience also includes working hand-in-hand with top leaders in the industry from whom she has learned much. She is prepared to take her passion to help bring success with APLGO into the Latin American markets.

“We have a unique product at APLGO, our Rapid DNA Drops are a big hit in the Latin Markets”

Lourdes’ true passion for mentoring and empowering others is prevalent in her day to day activities with those she works with.

She finds joy helping others achieve their goals and share her knowledge and experience. Lourdes is blessed with 4-loving children and a supportive and patient husband, they enjoy spending time together in the outdoors.


Our corporate team will lead you to financial well-being. We will show you the world in our travels and help you succeed. The founder of the company is a successful, international network marketing leader. Our Corporate team is made up of professional and experienced managers. Our head office consists of a huge team with six departments and sixteen divisions. We work with the best leaders in the industry to ensure every aspect of the business is covered.

We create a positive atmosphere for every employee and treat our customers with respect. Founder and CEO Sergey Kulikov made his first $1,000,000 at 21 years of age. He is the author of an online educational platform used within APLGO since 2014 that tracks and manages Associate efficiency. For more information please visit us.aplgo.com

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