Nermina Mirvic & Armin Tatarovac Achieve Diamond Elite Rank At Rain International

As a proud mother and father of three children, Nermina Mirvic and Armin Tatarovac are honored to receive Diamond Elite status from Rain International.

They are both grateful to be a part of the Rain team, for their partners and director Aaron Palmer, who helped provide this unique opportunity for their family. Along with fulfilling Armin and Nermina’s personal goals and ambitions, this opportunity has helped their family become financially and psychologically independent.

Initially, Nermina joined Rain as an unemployed mother that needed help navigating her path towards potential employment. Once she tried Rain’s products, she knew there was potential in becoming a part of Rain International. Her familiarity with helping others comes from her natural cadence and her previous work experience.

Before her start at Rain, Nermina worked as a doula, assisting women in delivering children and with postpartum care.

Throughout this process, Nermina and Armin have made a personal mission to help other people become a better version of themselves with self-confidence and determination. For Nermina, the recipe for teamwork is finding various methods that eventually lead to long-term success.

People are motivated by different factors; likewise, a leader’s role must unite and lead them to the same goals and metrics. Although their role is crucial, they both believe that leaders should not be overly dominant within their team’s dynamic.

Trust must be cultivated through praise and motivation. They strive to ensure that their team members feel confident in their efforts and celebrate their strengths and weaknesses.

Nermina shares her perspective on her approach as a leader,

“Every person must be approached as the most important person in the world. We need to have an individual approach for every person.”

Throughout Nermina’s involvement with Rain, she has helped her team overcome challenges with her unique skill set as a great delegator within her team.

During one of Rain’s recent events Armin shared his perspective on his future goals at Rain,

“My only goal is to push more and give more to this company. Thanks to this amazing company and the incredible people on our team, I am now able to travel around the world to share our story and our goals. It’s a great feeling.”

Aaron Palmer, the Managing Director of Central Europe, said,

“Armin and Nermina have proven over the past 18 months to be incredible leaders— humble, honest, and willing to lead by example. ‘A true power couple in this strong emerging market of Bosnia Hercegovina.”

Another member of Rain’s Central Europe team, regional manager Martina Lovrekovic Obrazo, shared her perspective saying,

“Nermina Mirvic and Armin Tatarovac are amazing leaders that nurture their group and take care of each individual. They believe in people and never leave anyone to wonder without guidance. Beautiful couple filling the hearts of many with love and passion for making their dreams come true”

Nermina and Armin indeed lead with a true sense of authenticity, which is evident to everyone on her team at Rain. As they continues their journey with Rain International, their team and directors are proud of them and are anxiously awaiting their future endeavors.

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