Adisa Konjhodzic Achieves Diamond Status at Rain International

Rain International happily announces that Adisa Konjodzic has been newly ranked as a Diamond Elite.

To Adisa, this success didn’t happen by accident as she contributes this success to her hard work within her team. After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Adisa has always been attracted to economics and marketing.

Before becoming a part of Rain, Adisa was interested in the benefits and strengths of network marketing as an industry and profession. According to her, it was all about the connections and opportunities that come from the network marketing industry that initially intrigued her into becoming a part of the field.

When Adisa was looking for a reliable and sustainable supplement for her family back in 2018, she stumbled upon Rain’s products and quickly became attracted to Rain’s mission. 

Amidst all of Adisa’s career endeavors, she insists that her role as a mother to three kids is at the forefront of everything she does. She remarks that her greatest pride and success come from her family and children. 

Adisa remarks on what she’s learned on the road to her Diamond status,

“First of all, I would like to say that success doesn’t happen by accident.  We have to get out of our comfort zone in order to become better and stronger human beings.

Your comfort zone might seem like a beautiful and feel-good place, where we do what’s quick and easy, but nothing ever grows there.

If we want to experience something different, we have to do something different, something terrifying and unpredictable.”

To maintain efficiency and cooperation within Adisa’s role at Rain, she learned what it truly means to work on a team. From the beginning of her time at Rain, she worked in small groups and was able to facilitate genuine relationships with her team members. 

Adisa comments on her main focuses as a team member,

“When we become aware of what kind of people we have around us, what kind of mentors we have, what kind of products we offer, and what kind of company we are, we can start to grow completely spontaneously and unexpectedly.

If we have a focus on that and see the opportunities only, we can absolutely ignore the disadvantages. Yes, Diamond is just the beginning of my growth, the beginning of my incredible journey.”

For Adisa, achieving Diamond status is just one of the first steps of the journey. She looks forward to continuing and contributing her time and effort to her growing team at Rain International. Everyone, including her team members at Rain, is proud of her success and looks forward to her future. 

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