ByDzyne’s Marcell Rodriguez from Ecuador Achieves Crown Rank

At the tail end of an extended evening of leadership training, strategizing, and vision casting, ByDzyne’s Marcell Rodriguez, who had just secured his status as the company’s latest rising phenom by becoming a 3-Star President, felt in his spirit to aim higher.

He just knew he could achieve more, manufacture even more time and growth for those under his watch, and cement his legacy in the industry for generations to come.

So, on that memorable November 10th night of last year, the Ecuadorian leader drafted and signed a personal written agreement on a big sheet of white construction paper, confidently declaring that come March of 2022, he would achieve the elusive Crown rank. 

With Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders, as his witness, he proclaimed his intention and his destiny. And now, not even five months later Marcell Rodriguez has lived up to his word and has become ByDzyne’s newest Crown. 

* A Crown generates between $1-2 million in sales revenue during a two-week span. 

“Reaching this historic milestone means I have played a part in helping thousands of people around the world earn amounts of money they would have never imagined earning! It has meant elimination of debt and an improvement in life for so many.

Years ago, I remember my mentors saying ‘the only way to get to extraordinary results is to lead thousands of people to excellent results.’ I would definitely say this is an excellent result!”

shouted an ecstatic Marcell. 

Not only is ByDzyne’s newest Crown overjoyed with all those that have benefited from his journey to stardom, but he is also swift to acknowledge the multitude of positive influences that have impacted him along the way. 

“I thank God because in my ups-and-downs I knew He was always there to guide me. I thank my parents who are my primary example that no matter the circumstances if you want to get ahead and prosper in life you just have to work hard.

I thank my mentors, who with their experience and wisdom guided me on this beautiful path. I thank my leaders around the world who trusted me and have been tremendous teammates and true friends.

I thank the vision of ByDzyne and all of its corporate team for creating the right vehicle with the right objective to be the company with the most millionaires. And finally, thank you Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, Chad and Nattida Chong, and Sophia Wong for all the wisdom and guidance,”

shared a grateful Marcell. 

While the Chongs also celebrate Marcell and those that have blessed him, the couple is not one bit surprised with this crowning achievement; they remember that night like it was yesterday. 

“When you signed that paper, Marcell, we vividly recall that ambitious look in your eyes. You were determined, fearless, and unwavering. And look where you are right now!

Congratulations on becoming the company’s latest Crown and know that it is so well-deserved. We don’t know what your next personal commitment will entail, but we do know your attitude, work ethic, and results are unmatched,”

voiced the Chongs. 

Personal written agreement or not, the 26-year-old entrepreneur is ready to cash in on his potential. He next intends to assist his leaders in growing in influence, impact, and income, while simultaneously supporting ByDzyne’s executive team’s efforts in becoming the fastest billion-dollar company in the world.  

To keep his enthusiasm steadfast and unyielding, Marcell has profoundly written out and populated his eyes with writings and pictures of his vision and goals—in his house, car, cell phone, bedroom, and beyond. He believes it is the catalyst for everything. 

“Every road has its fair share of ups-and-downs, but for me, success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm,”

said a grinning Marcell.  

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