Valerie Aloisio Leading Women’s Initiative at Kannaway

Twenty-two years ago, someone sat down with Valerie Aloisio, and sketched out a business plan that would change her family’s life forever.

At the time she had a successful career in corporate America and was a busy single mother of two young children.

But she realized that in order to have the income, time freedom and lifestyle she really wanted, she was going to have to go into business for herself.

She immersed herself into personal and leadership development and decided that a career in network marketing would give her what she was looking for.

Valerie sees a shift occurring around the world as more and more women step into their financial and personal power through entrepreneurship and sees this industry as a catalyst for this shift.

With the right training and support she envisions more women rising to top leadership levels and becoming true “role models” of what’s possible for women, both in income AND quality of life

Valerie worked up the ranks of Kannaway®, quickly becoming the first female Crown Ambassador and enjoys a thriving international business.

“Women build businesses differently than men.

I needed to build to the top ranks, show women what can be accomplished so that I could help them do it as well.”

Valerie has spearheaded the women’s movement in Kannaway®. She runs special trainings, meetings and holds women-focused events.

“Women are natural connectors and nurturers. It made perfect sense to tailor programs focusing and celebrating the women of our organization.”

The women’s initiative is growing even faster post-COVID. The past few years have been highly stressful, as we all know. Many women had to put their own businesses, their own priorities on the back burner to deal with everything.

It’s time to rejoin their passions and purpose and make themselves a priority again.” 

And we are kicking off this season of renewal with an event May 14-15 in San Diego, California which includes a medical symposium and business-boosting training.

The weekend is open to everyone to come together, have fun, learn and drive the movement forward.

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Kannaway® is a network sales and marketing company specializing in the sales and marketing of hemp-based botanical products.

Kannaway® hosts regular sales meetings and conferences across the globe, offering unique insight and opportunity to sales professionals who are desirous of becoming successful leaders in the sale and marketing of hemp-based botanical products.

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