Andres Gonzalez & Stefania Rivera Achieve Diamond Rank At Zeta

Andres Gonzalez and Stefania Rivera, two Network Marketing Professional, manage to break a record as a couple and in just 2 weeks they become Diamond.

In the last few years, they have specialized in motivating and guiding other people with the aim of transforming their lives and teaching them the advantages of the digital economy and how it is changing the world.

“Our goal is to improve the quality of life and lifestyle of all those people who have lost faith in the traditional world and to teach them that digital business is the present and the future”, says the couple.

Andrés González, better known as “Gonzo” is a professional communicator and has been a high-performance athlete, Stefania Rivera is a professional in international business from one of the most prestigious universities in Medellín, her city.

Both dedicated themselves to their professions, but during their journey as a couple, they decided to go further and find something that would change their lives. Since then, they have been working in the network marketing industry for 6 years.

In their first steps, they developed a Peruvian product company which allowed them to meet Allan Badilla, who has been their mentor for the last years.

“It is inspiring to see two great people who fill the stage with energy, who day by day strengthen themselves as a couple and give a new air to this industry, an air of motivation and love, but above all a lot of love for what they do,”

says Allan Badilla, co-founder of Zeta Group.

Andres, Stefania and the dog

The results they have achieved as a couple have been incredible, they have managed to have a turnover of up to 60 thousand dollars, forming organizations with more than 3 thousand clients, mainly in Latin America and the United States, they are undoubtedly a clear example of dedication and effort.

Currently, they are part of the company ZETA, where in a short time they have achieved incredible things, thanks to their leadership and teamwork, they have managed to establish a new brand and reach the next level of the industry.

“Being in a company where they truly believe in you and where they are always available to everyone, fills us with joy and even more to be accompanied by our mentor and trainer, who for many years has developed great success stories”

highlights the Diamond couple.

Currently, their new record in Zeta leads them to generate 40 thousand dollars in only 2 weeks, a new record as a couple.

Andres and Stefania are known for believing in people, for driving the growth of the companies they work with, for building great teams around the world and above all for encouraging others to fulfil their dreams.

They are a believing couple who thank God every day for the blessings he has given them, without forgetting their leader Allan Badilla who has guided them to improve their lifestyle. They also affirm that in the next 5 years they want to boost payment plans thanks to the blockchain technology that is part of ZETA’s structure.

“Being in ZETA is an excellent decision, where you find different ways to earn money and change your lifestyle, you have the information at your fingertips, and you will find a magical and special world”.

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