APLGO President Sergei Kulikov Tours The US Market

According to an APLGO press release:

If you want to keep up with Sergei Kulikov, you’ll have to move fast.

Known for his love for life, friends and business expertise, Sergei is a founder that never stops, never slows down and is always on the move.

Whether doing presentations, meeting with leaders or dining in beautiful restaurants, Sergei is focused on one thing; driving his company forward by helping his Associates at APLGO succeed.

Here are a few highlights of the Tour.

Tuesday, June 21

Sergei Kulikov attends his first event in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Hosted by Global Ambassadors; Tina Malsom and Kelly Vincent, the event focused mostly on APLGOs Accumulit SA Technology, and the positive effects people are having with APLGO’s Rapid DNA Lozenges.

Several Associates shared their testimonials and expressed their gratitude to Mr. Kulikov for bringing this product to market.

“Sergei is a non-stop founder, always thinking about the business and how to create the next experience. Sergei is genuine and fun to be around. The culture of a company always starts with the founders, and with Sergei and Olga, we are in good hands.”

says Kauri Thompson, General Manager of APLGO.

  • Thursday, June 23

Next Stop: Las Vegas. Hosted by Corporate Director Tina D’Angelo. This event touched on the close knit culture of APLGO. Tina, a former contestant in APLGO Panama Survivor, spoke about her experiences with the company since she joined as an associate over a year ago.

She also discussed the importance of business building by using a system and the right tools. The evening event took place in a local business center, where a large crowd of enthusiastic associates and guests gathered to meet and shake hands with Sergei.

The evening was electric; great energy, enthusiasm and most importantly, our distributors gained a better understanding of Sergei’s vision and roadmap for APLGO.

Sergei, a master illusionist himself, also took time to take in a few shows while in Las Vegas including “David Copperfield” and others.

  • Saturday, June 25

Third Stop; Chicago

As customary, Sergei is met at the airport by APLGO Premier Director Maya Trofimovich with flowers and a limousine. The program for the day is packed.

Lunch followed by a business presentation that focuses on the business opportunity and the fact that APLGO pays out 63% commissions in the pay plan to associates and 74% to customers. The Associates are dressed in white which is common for APLGO meetings overseas for company anniversary celebrations.

A spectacular tour of Chicago, a city full of incredible architecture and history, is arranged for Sergei and Kauri Thompson, APLGO’s International General Manager.

  • Monday, June 27

Washington, D.C., the capital of The United States.

Sergei genuinely loves meeting and getting to know APGO Associates. During his presentation, Sergei talks about the product line and the rich 10 year history of APLGO. Personal communication with the President is valued and unique in the Direct Sales Industry. As a former distributor, Sergei understands the challenges associates experience.

This event is organized by the Corporate Director Julia Werre and her team of professional women. Everything goes brilliantly.

The President announces a special and very generous promotion, which of course was well-received; an invitation to visit the company’s 48,000 square foot manufacturing facility in September. After some sight-seeing and dining in great restaurants, it’s off to Atlanta.

  • Thursday, June 30

Another day ahead, another city on the tour; Atlanta. Sergei Kulikov’s Associate Jae Shim and his team are waiting! The end of the tour promises new beginnings.

Every day of Sergei Kulikov’s tour is the epitome of GO style! Style, in which there is room for forward movement, development, scaling business and increasing one’s potential for growth. As Sergei likes to say, Join us, we won’t let you down.


APLGO was founded by Sergey Kulikov, a successful international network marketing leader who made his first $1,000,000 in the industry at 21 years of age and went on to run a very successful traditional business. He is the author of an online educational platform used within APLGO since 2014 that tracks and manages Associate efficiency.

APLGO’s Corporate team is made up of professional and experienced managers who know and understand their markets. Our head office consists of six departments totalling sixteen divisions.

We work with the best leaders in the industry to ensure every aspect of the business is covered. We create a positive atmosphere for every employee and treat our customers with respect. For more information please visit us.aplgo.com

Get more information, facts and figures about APLGO, click here for the APLGO overview.

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