Healy World Is Growing Fast And Expanding Worldwide

According to a Healy press release:

In order to operate successfully as a newly founded company on the global market and to establish itself, the product or the services have to be outstanding. This will grant healthy and organic grow.

Aside from the topics of environment and peace, there is hardly any other area that is currently attracting more attention than health and this, in all of its facets. So it comes as no surprise that an extremely innovative company like Healy World is rushing from one success to the next.

Not only were more than 100,000 of these innovative, effective and highly original frequency wearables sold in the first few months following the company’s launch, due to the rapid growth of the company, the number of employees also increased.

With hardworking employees who were committed to the success of the company in a cooperative work culture, the company is better equipped for further growth.

Healy World’s broad portfolio has been well-received, is in demand and popular. It meets the root cause of many health concerns, represents a future- oriented lifestyle, but at the same time is economically attractive and offers great prospects for the future.

Despite all of its possible uses and applications, the Healy is still quick and easy to master. How relieving, as this is not a given in our complex, technical and modern world. In this way, the small device can contribute to a better quality of life, less pain and fewer health problem for countless people. These facts alone speak for its outstanding success.

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This is exactly what Christian Dorner does, who became CEO of Healy in the spring of 2021. A man with ambitious visions, many years of expertise in the network marketing industry, and clear ideas when it comes to the healthy expansion of a strong company like HEALY WORLD. The successful and pleasantly down-to-earth CEO emphasizes

“It’s not only about selling the Healy, it’s also about sharing our great enthusiasm for it with the world. That’s what people love and what defines our success!” He goes on to add, “I’m convinced that Healy makes each of us an even better person.”

Can there be a better vision out there than this statement?

As a result, he consciously implemented a versatile and clever distribution network, which currently includes 50 countries around the world, with new locations in Orlando, Singapore and Mainz.

In addition to this, three modern hubs were created in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) economic region, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and in North America (AMERICAS) which will provide the required quick distribution in the future.

This will lead to short delivery times, fast shipping, improved customer service, as well as perfect support for the numerous independent managers worldwide (internationally referred to as IWHM: Independent Healy World Members) of the “current Healy-World regions.” All these initiatives promote progress, market penetration, growth and thus the successful engagement of the regional Healy-World teams.

In recent months, Christian Dorner and the corporate teams have launched a series of measures set to improve the success of all the teams within the Independent Healy World Members. In addition to the installation of even more effective accounting software, focus was increasingly placed on the area of “training and further education”.

This foundation is essential for a broad- based and solid success story. The sustainable global online event “Healy World meets the World” was a real milestone in this respect.

Three hours of continuous content, powered from three different studios with top-class speakers, providing opportunities to learn from the best, hear about well-founded training, and ingeniously inspiring input from “Mr. Healy” himself – Marcus Schmieke.

He made it impressively clear, what it means to promote an all-encompassing healthy life and the mission statement he associates with it: holistic health. He is inspired by the mantra that holistic health and a complete sense of well-being should be possible for everyone in this world. Last but not least, to end the day, he had a cracking surprise up his sleeve, launching the new Healy product: the MagHealy.

As you might say, a lot has already been achieved but much work remains to be done. All these activities are on the one hand proof of the dynamism and the steep upward trend the company is taking, but on the other hand it is also a clear sign for what is in store for the future.

Healy World has only begun their journey and this brings with it many opportunities, new perspectives and sensational possibilities in the network marketing business.

This means long-term, safe and thus plan-able success, which promises undreamt-of prospects and opportunities to all Independent Healy World Members. Quality of life has never been so attractive and full of opportunities, thanks to Healy.

About Healy World GmbH

Healy World was founded in 2019 by Marcus Schmieke and Christian Halper with the goal of empowering all people to lead a holistically healthy life. The focus is on frequency, exercise and nutrition. The start-up company Healy World benefits from more than 13 years of experience with frequency applications from the TimeWaver group of companies and the cooperation with doctors, scientists and engineers. The wearable is sold through independent distribution partners, so-called Independent Healy World Members.

In the European Union Healy is a medical device for the treatment of pain in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders.

The Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs of the Healy are not medical applications. They are not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease, have not been reviewed by a notified body and are not part of a conformity assessment procedure under the MDD/MDR. For more information on Healy World please visit healyworld.net

Get more information, facts and figures about Healy World, click here for the Healy World overview.

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