Sebastian Salas Achieves Presidential Diamond Rank At BE

Before joining BE, Sebastian Salas felt his experience was limited. He had only been in one company for about ten months. “I hadn’t even earned $2,000 before joining BE,” he shared. “There, we took a quantum leap.”

Wanting a better life and making the step towards change wasn’t difficult for Sebastian. He already knew what he wanted for himself and his team: a place that could harness their potential and give them room to grow while aligned with their values.

Sebastian was an intelligent man, who led the team well and looked through several different options.

“We talked to more than 20 leaders from different companies and researched their compensation plans and other factors.

“There were many aspects of BE that impressed me—its founders, the compensation plan, its services, and many incredible things about the company I could mention—but honestly, the most important thing for me was finding a place with a similar vision and purpose as mine:

changing the world through helping people and leaving a legacy. That’s why I chose BE, because of its heart—because it wants to change lives just like I do.”

At BE, his team soared just as they dreamed they would. They found an environment they thrived in, abundant opportunities, and mentors to guide them. Two of these were Sebastian’s mentors, Juan Franco and Iván Martínez. They were instrumental in their training, not just in becoming excellent network marketers but also leaders.

Sebastian Salas on stage

As for the BE founders, Sebastian has only praises for them.

“I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Islam brothers Monir, Ehsaan, and Moyn Islam. I have spoken with them on several occasions.

Still, I remain impressed with their warmth and humility, as well as their creativity and ingenuity. Above all, their values and ethics guide everything they do for the good of everyone around them.”

When asked about the future for BE, Sebastian believes in a rosy future ahead.

“I feel secure knowing we have the best and most innovative products matched with the best compensation plan in the entire industry”.

Having seen the company innovate and expand over the years, his confidence is well-founded. We have products catering to the e-learning financial markets, online marketing, and many other industries. But we don’t stop here. Our next product releases will revolutionize our industry and improve customers’ lives, and I’m honored to be part of this team and movement.”

This gives him the boldness to take even more significant leaps. He dreams of an even bigger BE.

“Our goal is to have more successful distributors and fulfilled customers in the next ten years. We also hope to impact the world through speaking engagements about personal development and financial education.”

Sebastian gives practical advice for those new BE distributors aspiring for the same excellence, emphasizing the two most important factors, the environment, and the vehicle.

“The first determines behavior, and the second determines speed. You are in the best vehicle to create the best growth environment for yourself and your team,” he refers to the company.

“Here are three tips that have helped me:

  1. Education; always remember that you can learn from everyone if you pay attention to them.
  2. Action—take daily action to reach your goals. Don’t wait for luck or someone else to make things happen for you.
  3. Mentors—find a mentor who will inspire you, support and push you to be better every day!”

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