Tracy Duong Achieves National Director Rank At APLGO

Tracy Duong stated upon her achievement:

I am 38 years old this year, and was born and raised in the highland district of a northern mountainous province and home to Ba Be Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

In this part of the world there are many ethnic minorities.

As a girl of the Tay ethnic group, I’ve always wanted to rise up and change my life for a better and brighter future. I wanted to be happy and chose to settle down.

I was fortunate to be born in a family of teachers and oriented to become one by my parents. It was a dream of mine to teach. I graduated from the University of Thai Nguyen in 2008 and applied for an office job at the University. I was hired and put in charge of organising the internship for students.

I was promoted to the position of deputy general director of the company. While I received much praise and accolades from my peers, I knew I could do more.

At this time I started to study and learn the network marketing business model. I was fascinated with the model of leverage and began searching for the right company. My life seems to have turned to a new page and in July 2022 I met John Nguyen, a businessman who worked in Vietnam and Canada.

He shared the story of negative ions and plant DNA. I soon realized that the company he was with- APLGO had everything I was looking for. I knew I could build a home here and help a lot of people.

With the motto: Live, Love and Give Unconditionally, I co-founded my own organization called the Diamond Team. Our motto; DIAMOND TEAM – WHERE BEAUTY AND TALENT CONVERGE.”

Currently, under our system we have more than a thousand people. I am sure that my team will grow tremendously time. Though we are a young team, we have achieved amazing results.

In May 2022, DIAMOND TEAM produced 7 corporate Directors. I would like to thank the president, Sergey Kulikov, for founding this wonderful company.

I am grateful to the person who gave me the opportunity to collaborate and lead me to where I am today. I am grateful to the DIAMOND team for always being united, loving and dedicated to APLGO. I am grateful to my family for always supporting and supporting me. With everyone working together, our team will be successful.


APLGO was founded by Sergey Kulikov, a successful international network marketing leader who made his first $1,000,000 in the industry at 21 years of age and went on to run a very successful traditional business. He is the author of an online educational platform used within APLGO since 2014 that tracks and manages Associate efficiency.

APLGO’s Corporate team is made up of professional and experienced managers who know and understand their markets. Our head office consists of six departments totalling sixteen divisions.

We work with the best leaders in the industry to ensure every aspect of the business is covered. We create a positive atmosphere for every employee and treat our customers with respect. For more information please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about APLGO, click here for the APLGO overview.

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