John Nguyen Achieves International Director Rank & Elite16 Status At APLGO

John Nguyen‘s journey began at the end of 2020 when he first met Tina Malsom and Kelly Vincent his new APLGO up-line and the first Ambassadors in USA.

John remembers hearing about a new category creator product “DNA Drops” made from 80 botanical ingredients using accumulate SA technology.

John couldn’t sleep that night & within 24 hours made the life-changing decision to join APLGO. Within 24 hours, he received two agreements from his two two closest friends who joined together with him on 01.01.2021.

John says:

“We have been flying to a lots of cities around sharing our first amazing “Anti-Aging Drops” to our community, most of leaders were impressed with our “Delicious DNA DropForm” supplements.

Because of the pandemic, John and his leaders were locked down at home for 4 months and decided to move on new strategy of zoom/online training & sharing. Bright things come from the dark, his team have made incredible results with best sale volume team in 2021 after 9 months of works.

John Nguyen and Founder Sergei Kulikov

John achieved the rank of Corporate Director, then National Director & now International Director in a very hard year where most business going down and created a network team with almost 11,000 Associates spanning 19 countries.

“I have seen our bright future at APLGO where I can possibly help people around the world to use the best affordable products with very high value in human body to go with the new trend – the growing “Anti-aging” market.

I especially saw a way to help millions of people around the world to overcome financial hardships.

We love the APLGO company and the five pieces of puzzle that match our “LONG MARCH in MLM”, we truly believe our team will together build this brand and touch thousands of lives. I have no doubt that we hit our goal of $1 Billion as a company.

We are grateful to our CEO Sergei Kulikov for creating this beautiful company that embraces the family and provides such a wonderful opportunity. We love his great mindset, warn welcoming ideas, community love, and inspiration.

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APLGO was founded by Sergey Kulikov, a successful international network marketing leader who made his first $1,000,000 in the industry at 21 years of age and went on to run a very successful traditional business. He is the author of an online educational platform used within APLGO since 2014 that tracks and manages Associate efficiency.

APLGO’s Corporate team is made up of professional and experienced managers who know and understand their markets. Our head office consists of six departments totalling sixteen divisions.

We work with the best leaders in the industry to ensure every aspect of the business is covered. We create a positive atmosphere for every employee and treat our customers with respect. For more information please visit

Get more information, facts and figures about APLGO, click here for the APLGO overview.

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