Victor Franco & Natalia Cuestas Achieve Regional VP Rank At NeXarise

Victor Franco and Natalia Cuestas become NeXarise’s first Regional Vice Presidents in Latin America in record time.

They achieved this important rank of recognition in just 17 days, setting an example of an explosive start-up. They have built a team of over 2700 independent distributors and thousands of customers in their first 30 days starting literally from scratch.

Victor Franco was born in Spain to a working-class family and a single mother. He has been involved in network marketing for 12 years, although his profession has nothing to do with entrepreneurship, as he is a former special forces soldier in the Spanish army.

He had a life full of ups and downs, he left the military in search of more income and to have his own business. He started in the real estate sector and had a very successful career that was cut short by the 2008 crisis when Victor lost everything.

“Honestly there were times in my life when I didn’t know what to do, I was full of debt and I couldn’t go back to the military anymore. I felt I had thrown away my military career where I would have been drawing a steady salary forever.”

After opening and closing 5 traditional businesses in less than 2 years, he got to know network marketing. This profession changed his life. His 12 years of career are divided between being a networker, a director of 2 MLM companies and the president of the Professional Association of Networkers, always watching over the ethics and professionalism of this sector. Victor is currently based in Colombia for the last 7 years.

“I always say that network marketing saved my life. The day I attended my first business presentation I agreed immediately, I did not see any risk and I did perceive that there would be many benefits, although I really did not think that this would be my profession and my livelihood”.

On the other hand, Natalia Cuestas, a Colombian, also comes from a working-class family and a single mother. Natalia’s mother has been in network marketing all her life, but Natalia decided to take a different path. She specialized in the corporate area, she is an industrial engineer graduated from the best university in her country and she prepared herself academically in an excellent way having several postgraduate and master degrees.

After 10 years of study and 15 years of working experience, she managed to have a very successful corporate career, becoming the supply chain manager of an important fast moving consumer goods company at only 33 years of age.

While Victor had a brilliant career in Network Marketing, Natalia worked long hours at a very high level of demands. Two years ago, attracted by the lifestyle she saw in her husband, she decided to quit her dream job and study trading, a profession to which she is now fully dedicated independently, not only managing her own capital but also managing investment funds and third-party capital, as well as beginning to fulfill one of her biggest dreams, to be an educator.

“I began to feel that my job was more of a burden than a solution. I had a high salary for the Colombian average, but I was not happy.

I started to ask myself: why do I have a constant high income if my work takes away my peace and health? why do I want to accumulate money in the bank account if I don’t have the freedom to spend it when I want, and if the only day I have off, is a Sunday, I’m tired and sick to do anything other than sleep?”

Victor is an energetic, courageous, entrepreneur at heart, persevering and dreamer person, while Natalia is an orderly, constant, disciplined, intelligent person. This combination of personalities makes this couple a unique and unstoppable team, both as a couple and as networkers.

Both were introduced to NeXarise by their dear friend, Josman Soler, and with the support of their friend Philippe Moser, they quickly identified the tremendous potential of this opportunity.

“We will be forever grateful to Josman and Philippe for giving us this opportunity and trusting us. Meeting through the two of them the founders of NeXarise (Ahmed Mukhtar, Liju Thomas and Asad Ali) and being able to be guided by them, has been and is being crucial for something so great.

Learning from people with such heart, experience and results can only lead us and our team to lasting and honuorable success. For us NeXarise is a company with the right structure of legality, principles and values of the strongest and longest running companies in network marketing but with the most current and trending services.

With the most fair and simple to execute compensation plan that people will truly be able to earn real residual income based on subscription”.

This couple complements each other in the business in a very smart way. Victor is in charge of leadership and training for the development of organizations, and Natalia is in charge of trading, administrative support of the business and education to all its members. And together they lead the organization to help people become profitable traders, financially healthy and professional Networkers.

“For us it is vital to help people not only to make money but to live differently through network marketing. We thank leaders like Pedro Mojica, Camilo Gomez, Alexander Amortegui and Nathaly Sanchez, Daniel Corrales and many more leaders who have built with us shoulder to shoulder this organization and who we hope to see soon in a publication like this as Regional Vice Presidents, now their goals are also ours”.

About NeXarise

Founded by Direct Selling Professionals Ahmad Mukhtar, Asad Al, and Liju Thomas and founded in the United Kingdom in 2020 the mission of NeXarise is to provide a global opportunity for individuals to enjoy the benefits of residual income.

Whilst personally developing, our IBO’s will have the opportunity to learn new skills such as; Leadership, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Trading in the foreign exchange markets and the importance of having the right mindset.

The vision of NeXarise is to become the largest direct selling company in the world, enabling as many individuals as possible to enjoy the benefits of residual income. For more information please visit

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