Amir and Amila Zuzic Achieve Double Black Rain Diamond for Rain International

For Amir and Amila Zuzic, achieving rankings for Rain International is nothing new, but receiving the Double Black Rain Diamond is a significant achievement worth commemorating. 

Throughout their time at Rain International, they have learned that the only way to grow within the business is by helping others succeed with you. To assist their team in proving their potential, they had to be close with them and work on their level of ability.

Their incredible accomplishments serve as a strong example of how a synergy between hard work and dedication can lead to unmatched success, while also inspiring others to do the same. 

Amir and Amila express that there weren’t any special methods used to acquire this exceptional ranking apart from hard work and dedication. They have proven themselves as exemplars of what it means to be a role model and supporter for their team. 

Amir shares his favorite moment from this life-changing experience with Rain International, 

“My favorite moment for my beloved wife Amila and me was when we got the first diamond on our team. The moments when we see that somebody succeeded to make living from this business are truly motivating and inspiring to both of us.” 

As Amir and Amila have reflected on the different ways they have improved throughout their time at Rain, they’ve noticed that their ability to delegate and lead the work of their team has improved dramatically.

These abilities come from hard work as Amir and Amila make it a goal to continually evaluate their progress. 

Collaboration is key to a strong work environment. Amir and Amila have learned that it’s critical to align goals and performance indicators with everyone on their team. To become successful leaders, they must motivate other teammates to do the same.

The rankings they’ve been able to achieve don’t come easy without pulling back for a moment to remember the knowledge and experience that comes from being a leader.

Due to their successful collaboration efforts, Amir and Amila have come on top and have proven that you can lead and guide others to success if you create an attainable vision. 

For the couple, this is just the beginning of their journey with Rain. They have set an ambitious goal to have at least 10 diamonds on their team. Their ultimate dream is to have at least 100 families become a part of Rain’s growing organization.

The work gives stability to struggling families in underprivileged countries worldwide. 

Amir and Amila have their eyes on the future as they expect to achieve Triple Black Diamond shortly.

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