BE Is taking 400+ Distributors For An All Paid Outstanding Retreat In Tulum

According to a BE press release:

BE is about to host another phenomenal retreat this year, and this time, it’s in the Mexican Caribbean, Tulum.

For years, the town of Tulum has been a top destination for travellers looking to explore the Yucatan Peninsula. Located on Mexico’s Caribbean coast with its pristine white sand beaches and ancient Mayan ruins, it’s no wonder why this destination is such a hit.

All-Paid Retreat for Qualifying Distributors

And it’s not just a trip—it’s an all-paid retreat, which means distributors get free lodging, food, activities, and more. BE events are a chance for distributors to get to know co-distributors while reaping the rewards of their hard work. It’s the perfect opportunity for relaxation, fun, and experience while expanding their business.

Stay at a 5-star Hotel, Hilton

You know it will be the most relaxing or fun-filled vacation when you book a 5-star resort. The Hilton Tulum is on a premium spot on the beach in Tulum. BE distributors can relax by the pool or on their beautiful private beach while they serve you drinks and food throughout the day.

Its location makes both nature and the best of what Tulum has to offer easily accessible. Avail of their numerous top-notch services and activities, including English-speaking bilingual drivers knowledgeable about local attractions and restaurants, a daily breakfast buffet, and cocktails served poolside daily.

Welcome Parties at Tulum’s Most Famous Beach Club

You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve seen the photos. You know Tulum’s Beach Clubs are Mexico’s most famous. BE is taking its distributors to Tulum’s most famous beach club for an all-white welcome party. If you are one of the attendees, look forward to having an extraordinary time by the beach with like-minded individuals!

The Best and Most Exciting Watersports and Activities

What’s the point of being in paradise if you can’t get crazy? If you’re looking for some excitement, Tulum is the place to be. The Yucatan Peninsula is a dreamy destination with white sand beaches, turquoise water, and lush jungle landscapes—but it’s also home to adrenaline-pumping activities that are incredibly amusing!

There’s no better way to embrace your inner wild child than by taking a trip to Tulum, Mexico. From ATV through the forest to zip-lining to snorkeling, BE distributors will get the best ways to get their heart pumping south of the border.


Tulum is home to some of Mexico’s most breathtaking zip lines. Distributors can choose from various courses that offer different views of the beaches below, or they can even try to zip through a jungle canopy!

Enjoy a taste of Mexico with this all-expense-paid retreat to Tulum, Mexico.

The qualifying distributors will be treated to a week of authentic Mexican food and drinks and a chance to explore the beautiful beaches and mountains of Tulum.

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