ByDzyne Launches in South Korea with Revolutionary Slimming Coffee Product

Making tremendous headway on its quest to expand its reaches to the far corners of the globe, ByDzyne will officially begin expansion operations and offer its one-of-a-kind opportunity to the people of Korea next week on July 15th, 2022. 

The eastern Asian nation, renowned globally for its influential pop culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and friendly communities, will now showcase one of the industry’s most innovative and lucrative movements and ByDzyne’s executive team could not be more elated.  

“We are so excited to officially open up South Korea on July 15th! This is a dream come true, and we cannot wait to bring the vision, opportunity, and dream-casting to the wonderful Korean people.

Our team especially gives thanks to our GM and dear friend of over 15 years, Mr. Richard Park, for without him, this incredible announcement and launch would not be possible,”

exclaimed Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, chairmen of ByDzyne. 

Sung-Kon “Richard” Park, a savvy businessman with over 25 invaluable years in the industry, will be determined to put his marketing, financial, and strategic expertise to work right away.

Although ByDzyne’s new General Manager has worked for some of the most well-known network marketing companies in the industry, his new project with ByDzyne may very well be his most prized and eager undertaking.   

“I am very excited about the amazing opportunity to join the ByDzyne movement.

The key reason for this new venture is the company’s great culture, its core values, and a deep sense of integrity, especially referring to the company’s Chairman and Chairwoman.

Nat and Chanida Puranaputra are legendary icons in this MLM industry and their passion and love for the Bydzyne family are apparent!

I look forward to taking ByDzyne’s mission into the local Korean market and simultaneously the Korean-American community in the United States, and making great history on this wonderful journey together with ByDzyne,”

shared Korea’s new GM. 

That mission continues to be a multi-faceted approach to inspire greatness, unlock potential, and offer its Brand Ambassadors the very best products.

First up for the Korean market are functional nutrition beverages with NEU Slim Light Coffee, a groundbreaking KFDA approved weight loss drink, and ByDzyne Energy Up Plus, a multi-dimensional nutrition supplement that can be consumed at any temperature and is primarily intended to improve brain applicability and focus. 

In Korea, where excitement and anticipation for ByDzyne’s imminent arrival are at a maximum level, according to Park, the company’s executive team is confident that the new initiative will be a catalyst for regional breakthrough like never seen before. 

“This is just the beginning! With Korea, we know that there is so much potential here for this country to flourish and thrive, and for so many Korean people to change their lives.

We firmly believe this move will be prosperous for them and actually for many neighboring countries as well. We cannot wait for the world to see all that is to come,”

expressed the Puranaputras. 

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