Laura Castro Achieves Diamond Z Rank At Zeta

Laura Castro, “La Patrona del Dinero”, reaches the rank of Diamond Z in 3 weeks and becomes a benchmark for female empowerment in the industry.

Laura Castro, prominent director of marketing, businesswoman, wife, mother of two children, leader of one of the largest networks in the industry, continues to break records, becoming the first Diamond Z rank woman in Costa Rica in just three weeks.

Thanks to her determination and her leadership, Laura has taken the figure of women in this industry to the next level, which has made her an example for all women and a benchmark for female leadership and empowerment.

Just two and a half years ago she embarked on a path full of achievements in this industry, hand in hand with her husband, Allan Badilla, who today is one of the highest ranks of Zeta Group, Laura has grown along with him, turning them into one of the fastest growing couple.

“Allan always believed in me, and helped me get the best version of myself, thanks to his teachings, he strengthened my thoughts and changed my world forever, he taught me that everything can be achieved, but above all I thank him for never letting me give up”

stated Laura Castro.

In his years of experience in the industry, he has identified how important teamwork is, creating healthy environments to build people with the same vision of professional and financial growth, especially women, to whom he has sought to give a role inspiring where they are able to change their financial structure and achieve the lifestyle they long for.

“My vision is to inspire many women, single mothers, heads of households, since I have experienced the challenges that this entails, and I know that they can fulfill their dreams”

In an industry where 70% of its population are women, Laura has sought to continue increasing this figure, showing that women are owners of the gift of being protectors, wise and communicators, which has empowered her cause and has allowed her to position herself as The Patron Saint of Money, this materialized in the last achievement obtained on her part.

This past July 1, she became one of the first women in the Diamond rank of Costa Rica, together with her company Zeta Group, she will continue to break records to once again materialize her vision and the deep conviction that this is a business to care for and protect, two qualities that have led to Zeta’s great success in the industry.

“This business is about caring for and protecting, this is our great success in the Industry, you just have to make the decision and fight for your dreams, because yes or if you are going to achieve it”

Laura affirms.

La Patrona del Dinero already has her next record in her sights, so far, her results are a sign of success and growth that she has achieved throughout her career with work and determination, showing others that it is possible to achieve each of the proposed goals.

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