ByDzyne’s Kobpol Kerdpum and Nicha Panichwatanyu from Thailand Achieve 1-Star President Ranking

ByDzyne continues to unravel some of the world’s most prominent networkers and this month get to showcase Kobpol Kerdpum and Nicha Panichwatanyu, the company’s newest 1-Star Presidents from Thailand. 

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

Kopbol and Nicha, a couple that interestingly has extensive experience as a former guitarist and singer respectively, also hold nearly two decades of combined experience in the industry.

While they have had varying degrees of success in previous companies, to them, nothing comes close to the backbone and outlook present at ByDzyne. 

“We joined ByDzyne because the company’s product is the ultimate weapon, which helps us beat every competitor on the market! Our team is made up of over 90% of people who use and maintain this product.

And finally, and most importantly to us, some of the owners of this company are Thai! That’s our pride. So, to them and the rest of the executive team, thank you for having the best vision and having the support for our work.

You are the best executive team out there because you truly understand distributors and teamwork in every aspect. We believe that is what has made every Brand Ambassador succeed very quickly,”

shared Kopbol and Nicha. 

The new 1-Star Presidents cannot be more thrilled that the opportunities and support system at ByDzyne actually enables their entire team to thrive at ByDzyne, a foundation they have not always felt elsewhere, and believe it’s made all the difference.

A prime example of that positive infrastructure is how mentorship and guidance directly grew their ByDzyne events from just 50 attendants in June to an astounding 500 people in July.  

Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, ByDzyne’s chairman and chairwoman and some of Kopbol and Nicha’s primary counsel, are elated for Thailand’s newest 1-Star Presidents and are confident the couple exudes the right characteristics to reach even higher heights down the road.     

“Congratulations to Kobpol Kerdpum and Nicha Panichwatanyu for becoming our new 1-Star Presidents! And what an accomplishment to achieve this rank in just three months.

We have known you for some time and we are so proud that you are people who never give up.

We know the sky is the limit for both of you and we cannot wait to see you accomplish even more,”

declared the Puranaputras. 

Motivated to create a better life for their two children, Kopbol and Nicha are continuing to set their goals high; the couple is already dedicated to reaching the prestigious Crown next. Regardless of the timeframe, Kopbol and Nicha are simply grateful for all that have helped them along this ByDzyne journey these last few months. 

“We would like to thank all the owners, but especially Nat and Chanida, Chad and Nattida, for everything they have done for us.

We love you all. Thank you deeply to our kids that have been patient with their parents these past 90 days.

Thank you to all our team members that believed in us from the very beginning—from five initial believers in March until now with our big team today.

And thank you to every leader for the sacrifices that you make for your team and the commitment that we will all grow and succeed together,”

expressed the grateful Thai leaders.  

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