Georgie Alvarez & Yonfer Rojas Achieve Royal Diamond Rank At BE

Some would say Georgie Alvarez and Yonfer Rojas were an unlikely pair. Others would say they’re the perfect team-up of opposites. These two opposites are an inspiring example of how people from different backgrounds can work together to achieve success.

Georgie Alvarez began his career in the network marketing industry at a very young age, showing a very promising talent.

By the time he was 20 years old, he was already earning $8,000 a month, selling weight loss products, and managing a team. By 2010, he was already able to fly 87 members of his team to Dubai for the very first time.

Yonfer Rojas’s life was the complete opposite. He decided early on as a child that he would become a doctor. As he was studying medicine, he discovered the field of network marketing. Just like Georgie, Yonfer took to it naturally, immediately reaping results.

He did that for 2 years, then decided to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, so he redirected his focus back to medicine for the next four years. After earning the title of M.D. in 2017, Yonfer immediately went back to network marketing.

Once again, he found success, but he felt it was lacking. The company he was with became one of the top 10 companies despite being a small tech firm. However, he thought they weren’t making a significant impact. That’s when he found BE.

“We have registered in different countries and payment methods in each country, so we have everything for everyone to have a growth environment to achieve their dreams.”

Georgie pointed out several factors that made BE an attractive choice.

“Other things that convinced us to join the company were its leadership, the vision of its founders and its corporate mission, its superior compensation plan, and the assurance of stability and growth based on the company’s performance and portfolio.

We both wanted to create and build a long-term business. Having these in common as the foundation of our trust in BE cemented our dynamic and trust in each other as business partners.”

Yonfer and Georgie both agreed their families were top of their minds. Yonfer thanks his mother, his mother-in-law, and his wife, Genesis Rivera. “They have always supported me.”

“My wife, Genesis Rivera, is a great woman, leader, and life partner. None of this would be possible without our teamwork. We have so many stories to share with our children. And we’re just getting started.”

Georgie’s mother and significant other played similarly pivotal roles in his life, as did Yonfer’s. “My mother, Edyyt Ayala, shaped my character. My life partner is the reason that my children are at BE.” Georgie adds, “My team is my family that builds with us.”

Georgie Alvarez on stage

The two also credit their mentors, Iván and Juan Fernando, and sponsors. Yonfer and Georgie also mentioned each other’s support and hard work.

Georgie and Yonfer credit much of their growth to Monir, Ehsaan, and Moyn Islam. “The Islam brothers have created an environment encouraging us to reach our full potential.”

“They are highly respected individuals who created BE to change the industry and promote a culture of respect and ethics. I am passionate about their vision and believe it can transform many lives.” They agree that they still have much to learn from the trio and look forward to how else they can improve in the coming years.

Yonfer said,

“The Islam brothers have created a unique community for people like us. One where we can realize our dreams, change people’s lives, and be rewarded with living out our dreams simultaneously.

They have taught us that achieving success is simple if you know how to build a true business. Moyn, Monir, and Ehsaan have created a company that has allowed thousands of members to make their dreams a reality.

BE’s culture is very much rooted in values, nurturing a place where anyone has the opportunity to change their lives and know that they deserve it.” He punctuated the sentence with an air of certainty.

Yonfer Rojas on stage

Revolutionary Products Like No Other!

The duo emphasized the uniqueness of the company’s ideas and products catering to e-Learning, financial markets, immersive virtual world, online marketing, and clothing. “You cannot find a company with a business portfolio like BE,” said Georgie.

“The products are not only innovative and effective but aimed at educating people with no background in finance, for example. They’re also well thought-out as one cohesive ecosystem where they complement each other to help people reach their financial goals.”

“BE’s business portfolio is unmatched in the industry,” added Yonfer. “Being tied to a networking business structure makes them even more lucrative for its distributors.”

What the Future Holds

With BE’s rosy future and penchant for innovation, there are so many possibilities. What do these two business partners see in BE’s future, and what would be their place in it?

Yonfer declared,

“Our goal at this company is to positively impact the lives of 1 million people in the next few years. While the world economy makes life more difficult for people, we’re creating a quality of life alternative that makes life easier and more convenient for them.

Yonfer and I will leave a two-fold legacy of reaching the highest level and developing high-impact and high-performance leaders to make a better world,”

Georgie explained.

Despite their early successes and talent, their path to this milestone was riddled with hardships. As it turns out, there’s no smooth sailing even for those who seem naturally gifted at what they do.

Georgie emphasizes this in his advice.

“Never stop dreaming, never give up, we had to build our team 8 times, and it took us two years to earn serious money in the Digital industry. Be teachable and above all, be passionate about changing your life and that of other people.”

Yonfer agreed, reiterating the importance of being teachable.

“The best piece of advice is to have a very clear WHY, to be teachable from the first day, and to be close to your leader. But above all, make sure that your goals are not money-motivated but rather geared toward achieving the larger goals of your partners and team members—to build a long-term business family.”

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