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Global Marketing Network (GMN), is one of the partners of Business For Home for digital services and artwork..

GMN is a marketing agency with extensive experience in all areas of marketing that offers a fast and efficient service. A team of highly-skilled professionals provide expertise in digital and event marketing solutions for businesses worldwide, including

  • Photography,
  • (Live) video recording and edition
  • Brand identity and creative design
  • Website design
  • Online advertising
  • Social network administration
  • Paper and digital magazine design and layout

as well as organisation, promotion, design, production, coverage and post-production of marketing events.

GMN produces corporate live events on site – spectacles that leaves the audience speechless – as well as virtual events of the highest quality offering the best virtual experience for the viewers.

Artwork done by GMN

Not to forget the language department:

  • A team native-speaking professional translators and writers in over 20 languages who provide the services of written translation,
  • Video transcription, the creation of subtitles and their translation, as well as creative
  • Copy writing in English and Spanish as source languages.

GMN caters above all, sales and network marketing professionals and companies, as well as the digital technology and financial market, including digital payment systems, mobile applications and financial education materials.

Video produced by GMN

Business For Home trusted GMN to manage the latest virtual growth conferences, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result:

creating this wonderful sensation of having all the speakers together in Amsterdam, like in the old days, reaching out with their messages and teachings to all corners of the world, with innovative tools and production.

If there is one thing in particular that has impressed me about working with GMN, it is that they challenge themselves to do new things with a willingness that fits perfectly with the philosophy of our industry.

The GMN team evolves constantly to offer the best solutions, and they never said “we don’t know how to do that” when I asked for something they hadn’t done before, but “let me see how we can do it” and, finally, they did it.

Contact information: Global Marketing Network, Address: Calle Mallorca, 52, Granada, Spain
E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: +34663665421 Website: www.globalmarketingnetwork.eu

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