Julieta Rodríguez Achieves Diamond Rank At ZETA

Julieta Rodríguez, successful businesswoman, athlete, fashion lover and professional in space design, achieves Diamond rank in the pre-launch of ZETA Group, with a turnover of $40,000. Thanks to her motivation and persistence, she manages to be one of the most outstanding women in the industry.

“I am committed to growing professionally and building a team of more than 2,000 people and that each of them fulfil their dreams”

says Julieta Rodríguez

Julieta is an inspiring woman, creator of Elixir Molecular Cocktails, a brand with an innovative concept where traditional cocktails are transformed to live an experience, additionally, she has an Asian food restaurant called Sushi Box.

Her perseverance and dedication allowed her to set new goals and find an opportunity in digital markets. As a result of the pandemic, she began a new stage as a participant in the network marketing industry. In the company of her partner and mentor Miguel Posada, they have generated a team of great results, transforming the lives of thousands of people.

“Julieta, she has a great charisma, she is passionate, persistent, a woman who motivates the people around her with her example,”

says Miguel Posada. Top international leader ZETA Group.

She is a visionary woman with the goal of building, inspiring and impacting the lives of millions of people in the next five years.

Without a doubt, ZETA Group is a company that has welcomed and developed the value of trust in a real industry, leading great leaders to be part of the 4.0 revolution that connects thousands of people to fulfil their dreams.

“Your impact on other people is greater than you imagine, someone today feels inspired by you, someone has changed their life thanks to you”

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