36 Latino Founder Members Of ASCIRA Enjoy An Extravagant Holiday In Dubai

Living by its maxim of being a ‘Company for the People’, ASCIRA welcomed 36 Latino Founder members for a five-day exclusive trip to witness and experience the wonders of Dubai.

Day One, Sept 10, kicked off with a grand tour of the state-of -the-art ASCIRA Studio housed in its office at Marina Plaza. The members were excited to see the 12k resolution cameras, the sleek sets, and the green screen technology. Then they were taken to the grand ASCIRA headquarters at the Opus.  The sheer magnificence of the interiors with the smooth alignment of the working spaces were highly admired.

Around lunch time, they were taken to Dubai Mall for lunch and shopping. Later they ascended the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa, and enjoyed the view at the top.

Day two commenced at the ASCIRA Video Studios where these stalwarts narrated their experiences for the Success Stories series. Then they were whisked away into sunset in a private yacht cruise dinner.

The next day, the members were treated to a conventional Dubai experience of Desert Safari with dune bashing, falconry, belly dancing, tanoura dancing and a delicious Emirati BBQ.

On the last day, as the grand finale, a few qualified diamond members were given an exclusive helicopter tour over the magnificent Dubai skyline. Later all the members were taken to view the mesmerising La Perle show which recounts the story of a young girl who travels across UAE searching for a lost pearl and meets people of various cultures and backgrounds in the journey.

All the members could not contain their excitement while narrating their anecdotes and experiences in Dubai.

“I had never experienced such luxury and hospitality during any trip. Dubai is an amazing place and if you have such gracious hosts like the ASCIRA family, it makes the experience even better.”

Said Jaime Moreno, ASCIRA Black Diamond Leader.

“I cannot remember if I have ever enjoyed myself so much. I have always dreamt about visiting magnificent places like this and ASCIRA has just helped me realise those dreams.”

Added in Sonia Blanco, ASCIRA Diamond Leader.


ASCIRA is a subscription-based company that offers personal development programs online.

It targets to create a social lifestyle community of beyond a billion people around the world and provide them the best diversified knowledge available.

ASCIRA provides system, training, and support that will show you the way, guide you step-by-step, and help you secure your future for many decades to come. For more information please visit: ASCIRA Global Official – The Company of the People.

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