Andrea Olivares From Argentina Achieves Diamond Rank At DECENTRA

Andrea Olivares is an experienced network marketing professional from Argentina with over 11 years of career in the industry, and is currently a member of DECENTRA.

Andrea comes from the traditional industry, where she had plans of starting her own business in the area of wellness, particularly, yoga. And so, she got interested in acquiring and distributing health and wellness products through the network marketing business model. Her shift into the digital technology product area was thanks to her friend Enrique Salazar, who introduced her to DECENTRA.

Today, Andrea has already achieved the prestigious Diamond rank and is on her way to the next one.

“Getting here has been a journey of learning, as well as of financial and personal challenges. Being a Diamond in our industry is a great achievement because it means you have taken a process as a person and as a leader to help other people, too. It’s an inspiration to the whole community because it shows that it is possible.”

Andrea talks about her learning and makes an emphasis on developing specific skills, habits and values.

“Leadership is, undoubtfully, the greatest skill you must develop and improve. But to do that, you need to go through the process where you transform your mind and change the old paradigms that hold you back. It’s about opening your mind to lots of possibilities that are around. Your cup must be empty in order to pour something inside.

Andrea Olivares continues:

As for habits, discipline is the first thing to learn because only with discipline will you be able to develop and interiorize the necessary habits for success. Discipline is also related to focus and perseverance

And finally, the values. The ones I identify myself with are: empathy, because it helps you connect with people and feel that you want to help them; gratitude, because when you are a grateful person and you are thankful even for the little things, your life is enriched; and patience, this virtue brings you a lot of strength and emotional control to your life.

Andrea has it all very clear and speaks about her plans for the future in mathematical terms: 2 million. 2 million independent entrepreneurs that she wants to impact and bring abundance and prosperity to the Latin American community, developing the mindset of success and leadership.

“What I always share is that we have to have our goals clear, be grateful for what we have, but know where we are going on the path if we make the DECISION. There is a lot of transformation that will align you to everything so that you can fulfil your goals and dreams.”

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