BE Held Its First European Convention In Italy’s Biggest Venue

BE held the first European convention on September 17-18 in Rome, Italy.

It was a massive success, with more than 5,000 people in attendance at the Palazzo Dello Sports Roma arena to witness the BE Thrive Global Convention.

BE proved that they are not just about giving its publishers the push they need to achieve business success but also bringing people together. The World Convention brought individuals from over 30+ countries, a true coming together of passion, goals, and inspiration.

The BE Founders Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan Islam never fall short of gratitude and appreciation for how far they’ve come and how much they can share with the world through BE.

“We had a blast last Saturday and Sunday, filling the Palazzo Dello Sport with our most outstanding leaders, publishers, and aspiring entrepreneurs. You really energized the entire community! We are so overwhelmed by the love and support that the BE community showed!”

For Co-Founders Monir and Moyn Islam, setting foot in the arena felt surreal. Both attended an event in the exact same venue while facing financial difficulties in 2015. Their lives changed after that. It’s one of the reasons why this convention is close to their hearts.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet so many people from around the world who were like-minded: ambitious, passionate, and hungry for more. Many shared how pleasant it was to be surrounded by people with the same goals. Indeed, so many new friendships were made.

“It was two days of non-stop excitement and inspiration that has helped me further understand my purpose in life,” was one of the many similar testimonies we received.

The two-day event included:

  • Significant product launches
  • Training from the BE founders and top leaders
  • Announcements of substantial corporate updates
  • The highly anticipated rank recognition

BE uses its conventions to showcase new products from different industries for entrepreneurs to access a global platform. Every product launched and update launched by the BE founders wowed the audience, having to see all of the brands come together under one roof.

The Islam brothers

BE’s ecosystem offers several financial opportunities to members, creating several streams of income under a single umbrella. The company’s products and services span various industries, all of which the members can tap into, including the financial market, immersive virtual world, and online marketing. Plus, it recently launched its newest addition to its innovative ecosystem, a health and wellness mobile application.

The top leaders at BE also lend their expertise in jam-packed training sessions with tips about the network marketing space. Each leader shared topics and tips in a bid to help each attendee flourish and thrive the way they did.

The event’s highlight was the recognition of the company’s rank achievers. At each convention, BE publishers from all corners of the world gather to witness, support, and be inspired by how each awardee’s struggles turn into victories.

“It’s so humbling to watch and cheer for our top leaders who grace the global stage with inspiring stories to share. Each story is different but is equally moving and captivating,” shared by one of the BE publishers.

“I was able to meet some of the top leaders in our industry and learn from their experiences. One of the biggest takeaways was how much they cared about making a difference in people’s lives. They are passionate about what they do, and it shows in everything they do.”

Attendees also got the following important firsthand news. From a massive sale to a product release to the next event, they got it first at the BE Thrive Convention.

The convention was the first of its kind and overwhelming for BE. It was a defining moment for the community, and a new beginning for the brand as its founders unveiled their plans to take the company forward globally.

“Our vision is to create a place of work for 10 million people by 2032. Our purpose is to move society forward.”

These words left the audience in awe, and more fired up to build the life they want with BE, while helping others do the same.

About BE

BE is a next-generation ecosystem made up of a unique concept of ‘Live & Learn’ which includes e-learning and travel platforms with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The BE ecosystem uses artificial intelligence technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for people from all walks of life, regardless of their educational or financial background, to build their very own multimillion-dollar business from their smartphone.

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