ByDzyne Launch Japan and Appoint Industry Icon Hiro Nishimura as New President

In one of the biggest announcements of 2022 to date, ByDzyne is heading east and collaborating with Asian industry legend Hiro Nishimura to expand its reach to the modern and opportunistic land of Japan.    

Nicknamed the “Land of the Rising Sun,” Japan is globally recognized for its influential pop culture, delicious cuisine, and rich history.

The country is also renowned for trailblazing some of the world’s most iconic trends and now will feature products and opportunities from ByDzyne, arguably network marketing’s most innovative company. 

“We would like to congratulate everyone involved in bringing the vision and opportunity of ByDzyne to the people of Japan. This new expansion is so exciting and so full of promise.

We are so joyful for this grand opening and we are so fortunate to be partnering with one of the most brilliant business minds out there in Mr. Hiro Nishimura.

I have known him for so long and have seen his track record improve year after year, and if how you do anything is how you do everything, then we have the very best leading us into the Japanese and Asian markets,”

shared an extremely bashful Chanida Puranaputra, chairwoman of ByDzyne. 

Chanida should be confident. Hiro, appointed ByDzyne’s President for the Japanese market, is in a class of his own—he boasts nearly three decades of invaluable industry experience, has previously held the top distributor rank with multiple organizations, and has consulted over 250 companies on business operations in Japan.

Considered by many of his peers as an entrepreneurial mastermind, Hiro too believes this new partnership with ByDzyne is monumental. 

“The benefits you earn from ByDzyne are priceless. We believe that ByDzyne is the best business program for those who aim for freedom in all aspects of their lives.

Many doors, some even unknown to them, will be opened by and because of ByDzyne! People will be able to gain a true priceless life!”

exclaimed Hiro. 

Spreading ByDzyne’s name, brand, and opportunity is Hiro’s main goal for the coming year, and he believes it won’t be very arduous at all. In less than five years, the company has become an industry standout with its attractive company culture, plethora of products in the digital, wellness, and travel sectors, and an executive team that he is optimistic will make all the difference. 

“I believe that ByDzyne is the only network business company in the world run by true successful network business people.

Because the owners are successful people with practical experience in the network marketing world, they detect problems that occur in the field in advance. For that reason, I am convinced that this is a perfect business model.

I am grateful the Puranaputras and executive team have chosen me for this wonderful opportunity, and I will spread this wonderful and first-class business model all over the world!”

expressed a determined Hiro. 

His journey seems like it has just begun. And if ByDzyne’s expansion into Latin America these past few years is any indication of its subsequent impact on the industry, coupled with Hiro’s consulting expertise and acumen, network marketing in Asia and the rest of the world may soon be living their life ‘ByDzyne.’

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