Top iGenius Leaders Host Successful French Canadian Event

According to an iGenius press release:

On August 19th, 2022, four iGenius leaders hosted an event for the French, Canadian teams.

During this event, hundreds of attendees had the opportunity to learn about the different financial markets. The event highlighted mindset, habits, motivation vs. dedication and consistency in business building. Attendees learned tips to launching a successful business and how to onboard new customers.

A powerhouse panel, composed of top leaders and team members with the most attendees, answered questions, provided training, and gave testimonials about the iGenius products and opportunity.

One of the event hosts, Mélody Raphaël spoke about the rising costs of education and inflation, and the need to find opportunities like iGenius that provide education at our fingertips.

Host Charlie Favreau conducted some on-site product training stating,

“Today you’re going to leave this event with a new skill set that you can apply at home. This strategy is just one of many strategies that are offered on the iGenius learnLIVE platform.”

Sharing about her previous experiences, event host Ashley Israël said,

“In the past I’ve tried many different businesses, and the reason why I was never really successful is because I wasn’t organized, I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t have the proper guidance. This is exactly the reason why I’m here today to properly help you start your online business.”

Host Sabrina Cyr-Vidal shared this:

“Something I’ve learned throughout my entrepreneurial journey is that you cannot settle for less in anything, you always aim for greatness. Know that you will learn, grow, fail, fall, but as long as you always get back up, you will accomplish all that you desire.”

When asked why events, and this event in-particular, is an integral part of the business, the leaders gave three main reasons:

1. It strengthens people’s belief to be in proximity with amazing people that have the success that they want. It’s the best way to show culture, community and increase vision.

2. The purpose of this particular event was to offer the average person an opportunity to learn ways to get involved and properly educated in the financial markets.

3. Events ensure that we create bonds and work towards common goals together.

Congratulations to hosts Sabrina Cyr-Vidal, Mélody Raphaël, Ashley Israël and Charlie Favreau. The event was a huge success, and everyone is looking forward to the next iGenius event.

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