Brian Carruthers Of LegalShield Is In The $25 Million Club

It is possible to start a business in network marketing and find a home for the long term. Instead of being lured by the latest shiny object, Brian Carruthers stuck with his vision and commitment and built his LegalShield business since September 1998.

Here 24 years later, he has officially surpassed $25M in earnings. And there is no end in sight, because he just keeps on keeping on.

“I am grateful to have found a company that was not ground floor, but one that I believed in the mission and the endless opportunity. When I joined LegalShield it was 27 years old, and people in the industry said I had missed the boat, it was not ground floor. And that I would not make any money.

But to the contrary, I wanted a rock solid, proven company that was tapping into a ground floor industry. I wanted to be able to put my head on my pillow at night knowing that my company and my check will still be there every morning when I wake up.

The business model without physical products is a great fit for me, a subscription model that yields true residual income, and one in which I have customers I signed up 24 years ago who are still customers today… that excites me.”

LegalShield just celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2022. Every year at the annual convention there is an attorney general on stage praising the company and the good LegalShield does in peoples’ lives. Everyone deserves equal access to the legal system.

“I am thankful to the mentors who poured into me along my journey. Without them, I doubt I’d be successful or even still in the business. And I’m grateful for the amazing people who joined me in the business whose dreams and goals we’ve been chasing and building together.

You all inspire me and give me reason to stay in the trenches and build every day. I still recruit and build to this day because I want to remain a relevant example as a guiding force, and I enjoy the new friendships and partnerships. Why would I ever tire of that?”

Brian Carruthers has built a very large and successful team, and he’s known as one of the best at personal recruiting with over 1,700 personal. He’s enjoyed watching hundreds be able to retire from jobs and have the freedom to be home with their families and pursue things they enjoy.

Brian Carruthers on stage

After I spoke at GoPro in Las Vegas in 2011 about cold market recruiting, I wrote my first book to help all network marketers with recruiting. Since, I have shared ideas at ten GoPros in a row, and wrote three more books.

My books and trainings are generic so that I can help people outside of my own company to succeed in this model. Building an Empire became a best seller, and many companies and leaders use it to teach their downlines the many components to building a massive team.

When I get messages from leaders sharing gratitude for how it’s helping their business or to ask me to hop on a team zoom, it warms my heart.”

While Brian vowed to not recruit an active networker into LegalShield so that he remains a safe source in the industry, and he’s kept to this promise for 11 years, he does have many many networkers in the US and Canada who are customers using LegalShield and IDShield, especially the Home Business Supplement that every 1099 independent rep should have to help with home based business legal needs, IRS audits, setting up LLC’s etc.

That’s another way Brian serves the network marketing industry. Congrats to Brian on staying on the path and leading by example.

Get more information, facts and figures about LegalShield, click here for the LegalShield overview.

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