Nguyen Lam Sanh Joins QuiAri

QuiAri wasn’t the first health and wellness Direct Sales company Champion Promoter, Nguyen Lam Sanh has joined, but it will definitely be his last.

He is telling everyone all over the world about his new forever home, and he’s encouraging others in the industry to do the same.

“I have decades of experience in the health and wellness industry. I can tell you that an opportunity like QuiAri only comes along once in a lifetime as a Promoter. If you miss out, you will seriously regret it.

QuiAri has all of the ingredients necessary to make a billion-dollar brand – unique products you can’t get anywhere else, a Compensation Plan that pays in the blink of an eye, and a global footprint in over 100+ countries.

That’s not to mention world-class support and an Executive Team with over 300 years of experience,”

QuiAri Champion Promoter, Nguyen Lam Sanh. 

The truth is – Nguyen Lam Sanh wasn’t even looking for a new opportunity when his friend, QuiAri Promoter, Thai Thi Minh Nguyet, introduced him to QuiAri. He had already achieved one of the highest ranks at his previous company and was initially only interested in joining QuiAri as a Customer. 

“Despite my extensive experience in the network marketing industry, I had yet to find a product to help me with total body health.

After doing a little research, I learned why their star ingredient, Maqui, the world’s new #1 antioxidant superfruit, was generating so much industry buzz.

It is the most antioxidant-rich superfruit ever discovered. Simply put, your body needs antioxidants to help protect it from harmful free radicals found in foods and throughout the environment.

Even exercise can lead to the release of free radicals. Science has proven that the Maqui Berry can make a difference. If that wasn’t enough, QuiAri took it a step further and developed MaquiX®, a super-concentrated, proprietary extract that boosts the extreme antioxidant power 10 times,”

said Nguyen Lam Sanh.

QuiAri Founder & CEO, Bob Reina is the visionary leader behind QuiAri Supplements, and the fastest-paying Compensation Plan in industry history. He was the first to make history by introducing Maqui to the global marketplace.

Bob and Dr. Juan Hancke, the #1 Maqui Scientist in the world and QuiAri’s Scientific Advisor, found a way to conveniently deliver the health-giving Maqui Berry through supplements loaded with a nutritious blend of 24 essential vitamins and minerals, powerful superfoods, 16 grams oof long-lasting protein, an exclusive Greens blend, and of course, MaquiX® which took the antioxidant power of the berry to all new levels. 

“The benefits of QuiAri supplements are for everyone – young, old, fit, or first-time getting in shape. Countless people around the world are feeling the results, and testimonials are flooding in daily.

Once your body starts receiving all of the vitamins and minerals it craves, a healing process begins. Bob Reina is very much aware that he has miraculous supplements on his hands and is shipping them to all corners of the world.

Every QuiAri Promoter is helping put these incredible products into the hands of people that desperately need help with their total body health. I know from experience.

I’ve increased my energy and am feeling younger while living a better life thanks to QuiAri,”

said Nguyen Lam Sanh.

In addition to life-changing supplements is a Compensation Plan so generous Promoters think it’s too good to be true. No one in the industry pays Promoters faster than QuiAri. Their technology created in-house has worldwide commissions being paid in 5 minutes or less. 

“The Compensation Plan is simple. You can get Active and Qualified with just two people and there are incentives baked in the Plan for building your business quickly.

Speed Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses, and even Rank Advancement Bonuses are just a few of the 7 different ways to earn.

Considering that no one has products like these anywhere in the world, no one pays as quickly as QuiAri, and very few have payouts generous as QuiAri, your timing could not be better.

The Executive Team, with over 300 years of experience, is very engaged with the field and do whatever it takes to ensure your success. I predict that QuiAri will be a top company in the entire industry in the next year.

I’m very fortunate to have joined QuiAri at the right time because this opportunity is HUGE. Get in now while you still can,”

stated Nguyen Lam Sanh.

QuiAri is already in over 100+ countries worldwide, and that number keeps growing. Nguyen is enjoying building his team internationally as well as locally.

“QuiAri is already enjoying massive success throughout all the current markets. I can’t even imagine what it will be like as we expand throughout the rest of the world.

All I know is that my dream lifestyle is starting to come into focus. As a Champion, I’m very close to their highest rank – Purple Diamond – and I can’t wait to see how my lifestyle changes once I get there,”

said Nguyen Lam Sanh.

To learn more about QuiAri, their products, and the opportunity to become a Promoter, visit, or follow them on social media @QuiAriOfficial.

About QuiAri

QuiAri is the #1 health and weight loss movement in the world today. Featuring exclusive, breakthrough products (QuiAri Shake and QuiAri Energy) featuring the world’s new #1 superfruit, the Maqui berry, people everywhere are losing weight, boosting their energy levels, and improving their health. What started as an idea has now become a worldwide phenomenon, gaining a passionate following in over 100 countries. But that’s not all! We boast an exciting opportunity to promote QuiAri products and earn commissions within 5 minutes after each sale through industry-first, state-of-the-art payment technology. Combining unrivaled products with the fastest payout, the fastest cycling binary, and one of the highest-paying compensation plans in the industry, there’s no doubt QuiAri is helping people live healthier, happier lives. To learn more, please visit

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