Satish Dubey From India Achieves Global Ambassador Rank At iX Global

According to an iX Global Press release

iX Global would like to congratulate Satish Dubey for recently achieving the rank of Global Ambassador at iX Global. Satish has been with iX Global for the last two and a half years building teams and learning from the educational products and services the iX Global platform provides.

Satish holds the financial products on the iX Global platform in high regard and promotes them heavily to his Brand Ambassador community.

Satish Dubey grew up in a lower middle class family with very humble financial means. He did not get a chance to attend a high level university due to the family’s financial status, and he worked very hard to do well enough to improve his quality of life.

He was able to get good grades at the schools he attended which then allowed him to secure a good job in the field of his expertise; this gave him the first taste of what a better life could be like.

But after some time he realized that he did not get to spend as much time as he would want to with his family, and began to look for ways to find time freedom that still allowed him to maintain a better lifestyle.

Fortunately Satish was able to find iX Global, and good mentorship from top leader Viraj Patil. When asked he had this to say about the company:

“I always wanted to have time freedom on my side. I was always looking at opportunities which would not only provide me financial stability but also allow me to spend quality time with my family doing things that we love.”

“Joining iX Global under the leadership of Viraj Patil was the best decision that I ever made. The iX community doesn’t just help its members to learn new financial skill sets but also focuses on overall personal development.

The best part is that through their affiliate program I have been able to help hundreds of other people to build better lives.”

iX Global would like to give special recognition to Satish for his in depth knowledge of the financial products and the mentorship that he provides to his team and community.

iX knows the time and effort that Satish puts into building his business and helping his team succeed, and is extremely excited to see him reaping high rewards for doing so. iX is also excited to see where Satish and his community will be over the rest of 2022 and into 2023 as they continue to grow and share the iX Global message with the world.

About iX Global

The iX platform is a new generation social network, improving upon existing social media norms. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, USA, iX Global is an emerging leader in the fields of education, direct sales and social networking.

With its next-generation social ecosystem driven by community based e-learning and influence mentoring, the opportunity to make a positive impact on others is coupled with a comprehensive set of financial tools for it’s Independent Brand Ambassadors, known in-platform as Influencers.

You can learn more about iX global by visiting our website , or by downloading the iX Global App from either the Apple Store or Play Store. The base iX platform is free, however you will need a Referrer to invite you and provide access to the App’s content.

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