Steve And Gina Merritt Achieve Highest Rank At Lifewave

Former Crowne Black Diamonds in Monavie, Steve and Gina recently smashed all records of a 19-year-old company, Lifewave, by achieving the highest rank possible, Senior Presidential Director in just 23 days.

More importantly, they helped many of their friends hit the highest rank along with them. Steve and Gina Merritt are a force to be reckoned with and are confident they have found the best product in network marketing.

Steve and Gina understand the importance of helping their team achieve success is key to winning big in network marketing.

Over their career to date, they’ve helped 174 personal friends make a million dollars and more in their organization. They’re confident this run with Lifewave will allow them to make an even bigger impact.  

The Merritts have found the best-kept secret in network marketing. They discovered a 19-year-old company that recently launched a product with state-of-the-art technology that raises GHK copper peptide within the body and reactivates a person’s own stem cells.

It took 10 years of research and $4.5 million to bring the X39 Stem Cell Patch to market.

The product has taken Lifewave from $20 million in annual sales to $280 million in the past two years. The X39 Stem Cell Patch currently makes up 80% of Lifewave’s sales.

The patent for the Stem Cell Reactivation X39 Patch Technology was recently approved and no other network or company has this product. Successful network marketers understand the power behind a product-based network, but it’s hard to find a company that has a product as unique as what the Merritts have their hands on with X39.

“The testimonies from X39 are life-changing and so emotional. The stories are what sell, and they are growing our business faster than we have ever experienced in our network marketing career. We are at the beginning stages of something that is going to be huge.”

Gina stated.

“No one wants to live with stagnant stem cells,” says Steve.

“We are talking about technology that is so affordable at just $99 USD per month. People today are realizing more that they must be proactive with their own personal health. When you have a product that works this good and fast and no other company has access to anything similar, you experience explosive growth.”

Since the Merritts enrolled in Lifewave, the United States has become the number one country in the company. That speaks volumes about the influence this couple has in the network marketing industry.

Lifewave is currently open in 75 countries and expanding.

“Steve and Gina are legendary direct-selling veterans. We share common cultures, goals, and missions. We are so pleased to welcome them to our Lifewave community,”

says Lifewave President Lori Burgher.

About LifeWave

LifeWave, founded in 2004, has grown to over 200 employees with offices in the US, IrelandJapanTaiwanPhilippines and Malaysia with 14 distribution centers across the world. Wafer thin and virtually weightless, LifeWave products harness specific frequencies of light to stimulate points on the skin, causing targeted, biological responses at the cellular level.

Benefits include supporting better sleep, more energy, less stress, natural wound healing, a more youthful appearance, faster sports recovery, and more. For more information about LifeWave’s transformative products and many health benefits visit:

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