Beyond Slim Granted A Trademark On – Social Referral Marketing™ – Phrase

According to a Beyond slim publication:

Social Referral Marketing “its time to change the game”

There is a lot to love about the direct selling industry when it is done the right way. Unfortunately, in today’s market there are too many MLMs with “questionable” business models that make it hard for those who are just getting started and even some seasoned professionals to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly.

The increased scrutiny that MLM companies are facing over the last several years from The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the USA has resulted in several MLM companies being fined hundreds of millions of dollars and/or even being shut down for their unscrupulous practices.  

When Ray Faltinsky was creating Beyond Slim™, he spent two years designing a revolutionary model called Social Referral Marketing™, which puts people first by eliminating all the financial risk and putting more financial rewards in the hands of full and part time coaches.

This model not only benefits the top 5%-10% of people who want to make a full-time career out of network marketing, but also the other 90%; the part timers looking to make a little extra money.

Considering that Ray wrote his Yale Law School graduate thesis on the key differences between illegal pyramid schemes and ethical direct selling companies, it is clear he is passionate about the industry and has an in-depth understanding of the legal distinctions. His goal was to go above and beyond anything before, in terms of ethics, transparency, and fairness.  

Thanks to Ray’s strong ethics and dedication to helping people, he created this new paradigm in the direct selling industry that benefits millions of people all around the world and has key differences between the “questionable” MLM model and Beyond Slim’s Social Referral Marketing model.

Their Social Referral Marketing™ model is so different and unique from other direct selling models, that the United States Patent and Trademark office granted Beyond Slim a trademark on the phrase. 

So, what is Social Referral Marketing? With this unique model, they use word of mouth, and pay people to recommend it to their friends.

Beyond Slim handles the branding, distribution, and customer service. All the coaches must do is share it with people who can benefit from Beyond Slim’s clinically proven wellness and weight loss product, ZipSlim™, and the coaches earn a commission for every product their customers purchase.

What are the key differences between questionable MLMs and Beyond Slim’s Social Referral Marketing model?

  • There are no large initial purchase requirements or overinflated “Business Builder Packs” that you are encouraged to buy.
  • You never need to make any personal purchases to earn commissions. You can only earn commissions when you enroll Customers.
  • They don’t allow you to get “trapped” into making large monthly qualifying purchases to qualify for commissions.
  • They pay you 50% from the product purchases of your personally enrolled Customers from your very first enrollment!! And you can even get your product FREE each month simply by enrolling 2 Customers!
  • They will never mislead you about what you can earn as a Beyond Slim Coach. They will transparently tell you what honest earnings will come from honest work.

It takes more than just a revolutionary business model to build a great company with lasting success, and thanks to Beyond Slim’s incredible product, ZipSlim, they truly have created the perfect recipe for success, all while helping communities become fitter, healthier and happier.

About Beyond Slim

At Beyond Slim, nothing is more important than our mission to help millions of people become Fitter, Healthier, and Happier. The science behind ZipSlim® speaks for itself, and the care that has been put into our Metabolic Reboot will help you build lasting, healthy habits.

When it came time to decide how best to take this mission to the world, we decided to put people first, innovating an entirely new model we call Social Referral Marketing™. Find out more about Beyond Slim and its amazing product, ZipSlim at

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