Go Global Pre-Launch Attended By 20,000+ People

According. to a Go Global (GO) press release:

GO has record setting pre-Launch event with over 20,000 people in attendance on their virtual stage

With this pre-launch GO Global, is positioning itself to have the single greatest month.

GO reached a monumental milestone with the official pre-launch event on 1st February 2023. The virtual event from the GO studio was attended by over 20,000 people, which is precedented for a new company’s pre-launch.

The excitement and anticipation for the event was well deserved, as the attendees logged in from all corners of the world, eagerly listening to the speakers and learning about the vision, mission and future of the GO.

Additionally, the event was streamed on social media for those who were unable to attend the virtual event, attracting even more attendees interest and excitement. The live streaming was a major success, with top leaders from all over the world actively participating and sharing their commitment and excitement to the community.

“Success is not a matter of talent, but a matter of drive, passion, and determination.”

Nader Poordeljoo, the CEO of the GO spoke about the company’s innovative approach to network marketing.

He highlighted the many ways that GO will be different from other companies in the industry, including the use of cutting-edge technology, vital marketing tools and a focus on personal development. He also expressed his excitement for the future, and he encouraged everyone to embrace the change and ignite your path to greatness by embarking on the GO revolution.

“Leaders are learners. The more you learn, the more you grow, the more you grow, the more you will be able to unlock your true potential.”

The COO of GO, A.K. Khalil, spoke to the crowd and explained the company’s mission and values. He emphasized the importance of education, hard work and dedication, and encouraged everyone to join the GO community and become a part of something big.

He also talked about the many benefits of being part of the GO community, including financial freedom, personal growth, and the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

The virtual event also introduced Paulo Tuynman as the president of the company.

Paulo brings over a decade of experience in the network marketing industry and is considered one of the top field leaders with accomplishments of being the number 1 income earner as stated on business for home.

GO has revolutionized education, created a platform that blends the power of network marketing with the transformative power of education. By adding the elements of GO Learn, GO Rewards, and GO Promote, GO Global has created a platform that transforms lives, elevates careers, and rewards success.

About GO

GO is an educational platform that provides the best education for professional growth to empower the world. GO aims to empower individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life. GO is a one-stop access to the world’s top-notch self-development courses expertly crafted by the best motivational coaches, and the top leaders of the respective sectors.

The mission of GO is to develop future leaders by providing access to high-quality education and breaking down barriers that may prevent individuals from achieving their full potential. Unleashing the potential within individuals and communities through personalized resources and support, we strive to arm them with the knowledge and tools necessary to craft their own destiny and make a positive impact on society and the world at large. To know more, visit us at www.goglobal.network

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