Founder And CEO Daniel Picou Pre-Launches Three International

In case you missed it, Founder & CEO Daniel Picou quietly made one of the loudest headlines in direct selling on February 20, 2023, by announcing he has pre-launched Three International (“Three” for short).

Aiming to redefine the science of supplementation with cutting-edge cellular absorption technology, Picou touts Three products for their efficiency, effectiveness, and unbeatable bioavailability.

He and the Brand Ambassadors he partners with seek to inspire lives of greater significance on the basis of Three’s foundational pillars: the right People, the right Platform, and the right Purpose. Here’s more from Picou on Three, which officially launches in the springtime of 2023, and what led to this unique and bold leadership decision.

BFH: Tell us about Three International.


“Three is a movement that I believe will change lives around the world. We’re giving people greater health through the power of our Proactive Wellness products. We’re providing a dynamic platform for unparalleled entrepreneurship and personal growth. And we’re helping people find greater purpose through our caring community.

We’ve gathered experts from across wellness and the world of nutritional science to form the Three Scientific Advisory Board. Their mission is to improve quality of life, and that’s what we’re doing by developing the world’s leading products in bioavailability.”

BFH: How did you come to the decision to launch Three?


“I don’t have to tell you that our world has changed forever the last few years. With these changes, I’ve contemplated what the future holds and how to take our amazing group of entrepreneurs to where they want to go. It’s also no secret that our entire industry is in transition.

It is not the same industry it was three years ago let alone 10 years ago. Many companies are down, and so are commissions and revenue. I take it personally when I look at what the future holds for each person who is building an independent business and putting their trust in our leadership.

And so, at the end of 2022, I asked myself some tough questions: Will our amazing people be in a better and closer position to achieve their life and financial goals if we stay this course? If we keep heading down the same path we’ve been on, where will we be in 2023?…and 2024?

“As a leader, what I eventually came to is this: We didn’t come to play small. I didn’t come to play small, and neither did those who have joined me on this journey, who have trusted me, believed in me, and shared with me their hopes and dreams. And so, we pre-launched Three on February 20, 2023, a platform that gives people the greatest chance for massive success.”

BFH: Three officially launches this spring. While we anticipate that, what is your message right now?


“I believe massive things can happen when a collective group who are aligned come together. With our industry and world now in a continual state of flux, I owe it to people to lead in a greater direction. I firmly believe there is an awakening taking place and that we are at the beginning of what will be a historic movement, and we call this movement Three.

At Three, our focus is on people and a platform where we provide science-based products, along with a platform that enables them to achieve any level of success they like. And the third pillar in what we do is purpose. We help people find their purpose by believing in themselves, believing in others, finding their greater purpose, and by believing that the future holds a greater tomorrow.”

About Daniel Picou, Three Founder & CEO

Daniel Picou is an accomplished business leader with extensive experience in the global marketplace. He first established himself in the digital marketing space and then co-founded (and led as CEO) a direct selling company that operated in 12 international markets.

As a passionate ambassador of the direct selling industry, Picou appreciates and respects direct selling as a vehicle that gives anyone the chance to succeed and earn more out of life.

About Three International

Three is a direct sales company based in Lehi, Utah. As the global leader in bioavailable wellness products, we believe in the power of purpose. Three’s innovative formulas are specially designed to create demonstrable results through maximizing bioavailability and cellular absorption.

Our caring and vibrant community inspires and leads through the power of people, platform, and purpose. For more information about Three, the Proactive Wellness Company, visit Follow Three on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Get more information, facts and figures about THREE International, click here for the THREE International overview.

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