Top Leaders Maria And Piero Sbrizzi Join Greenway Global

Ambition has always been their strength, which, mixed with enthusiasm, have made Piero and Maria Sbrizzi highly esteemed and respected networkers in the network marketing industry in Italy (their country of origin) but even more internationally where they have been in business for almost 30 years.

Their experience begins in 1995 in Italy but then the business leads Piero to leave Italy and his family with two small children and one on the way, to pursue his dream.

His upline at the time worked in Siberia 6,000 km from Moscow, and without hesitation he left to learn from the best! After the Siberian experience, he continued his professional journey in different countries, from Kazakhstan to Venezuela.

In 2000, after 5 years of only experiences, Piero took the decision to take break from MLM and focusing on the family business that in those years were taken care by the entire family, specially from his brother Eduardo who has been very important for the growth of Piero. When Piero returned home brought all this fresh skills into the business and together with the whole family they developed multiple activities in various industries mainly in the optical field by opening seven shops of optical.

As Maria and Piero say:

“What you learn in this industry is life but x10, because all the challenges, all the different dynamics that you experience are on your table daily and learning how to deal with it makes your personal and daily life easier. You have the joy to do way more that you usually would do in traditional businesses”

Network Marketing is like a virus that never leaves you a crucial event brought them back to MLM, despite the success they had in their traditional business. Piero says:

“I will always be grateful for 2 very special persons I met in my life. Two meetings that allowed me to understand the industry but even more the dynamics that control it.

Since 2006 Piero and Maria have achieved the qualification of Diamond in 4 International Companies.

Top Leaders Maria And Piero Sbrizzi

Having had a great international experience they have transferred their skills to young and less young people, and together with the latter they worked all together as a team to open countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Morocco, Albania and the Balkans, Bangladesh and obviously developing Italy, with important results for all of them

As Maria stated:

“Working with young people with an average of 22 years old, pushes you to give your best as the responsibility is enormous, but these guys and girls are really smart and with their enthusiasm, they take you back over the years”.

With Greenway Global, a new challenge starts for Piero and Maria Sbrizzi and even at the threshold of 60, they are as enthusiastic as kids, full of joy and energy. Piero stated:

“Greenway Global’s mission immediately won us over, in addition to the business, we also have the opportunity to make our contribution to save and protect this wonderful planet that hosts us, sharing exceptional products at an excellent price that everyone uses in all homes. Everyone can buy and save money.”

Their philosophy for many years has been to choose people beyond the company, because they think that it is always people who make the difference and nothing else.

The meeting with Leonid Morgunov (Founder President of Greenway Global ) and Dany Laroque (Vice President and Co-Founder) as well as the entire Board of the company, immediately made them understand that they are on the same frequency to do great things together. And they are more excited than ever.

If you ask Piero and Maria what ingredients they use to be successful in network marketing, they will answer to you:  a base of enthusiasm with a clear objective, all seasoned with ethics and respect for everything and everyone.

About Greenway Global

Greenway Global, a green MLM company, has become within 6 years, one of the most famous in the network marketing industry known as the fastest growing company in its country: over 2 million partners worldwide, 53 countries of operation and 200 eco-markets today, with over 550 products for health, beauty, and home care.

The company’s environmental projects have a worldwide scale – every month Greenway Global provides material and physical support to organizations dedicated to saving our flora and fauna.

Greenway Global is the talk of the world’s media, and the company’s name is already firmly associated with concern for the ecology of our planet. For more information please visit:

Get more information, facts and figures about Greenway Global, click here for the Greenway Global overview.

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