Whitney Husband 9 Years in Younique And $9 Million In Career Earnings

Whitney Husband enroller stated:

“From public assistance to earning more than $9 million in l9 years in this business. She has built an empire and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Those rags to riches stories are sexy and sizzling but let me tell you what’s sexy, she lives in the TODAY that she’s built, not in the yesterday.

Whitney Husband is magical and although others have certainly earned as much and more in their careers, her production is not the average. I want to be cautious about giving any income claims. KeepItReal we have multiple millionaires in our company. Whitney is at the top. She is an example of what is possible for everyone.

She is the top earner in our company and is now, officially, the number one leader in our company and of course within my own organization.

Whitney is focused and driven and forward thinking. She creates systems that don’t exist. If she identifies a need, she creates a solution. Whit is not waiting around for anyone else to decide she is worthy of success. She’s creating it on her own and she helps thousands so the exact same.

The kids

Whitney leads quietly and by example and her ‘no excuses’ and ‘personal responsibility for your own success’ are just two of the countless qualities that I admire in my friend.

Please take a moment and watch this short video that was produced by the office of Network Marketing Pro – Eric Worre about 8 years ago. So much has changed but it’s a beautiful glimpse and reminder of how she began and how far she’s come.

Now a mom of three perfect littles as well as a bonus mom to a beautiful pack, Whitney is someone I admire and respect and I feel so blessed, everyday, that she is a part of my life and she plays a massive role in my own success and inspiration. Whitney also gives generously. She doesn’t tell people because it’s no ones business of course but I know her and I know what she gives back and it’s awe inspiring.”

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Real beauty reigns supreme at Younique. Since its inception in 2012, Younique has developed new products and updated existing offerings, taking inspiration from the latest fashion trends and industry innovations—but always with its Younique Presenters and their customers in mind.

Younique is the first direct sales company to pioneer the social media-based business model. Founded by brother-sister team Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, Younique offers women the opportunity to look and feel great while helping advance the brand’s mission to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world. Find us on social media at Facebook.com/youniqueproducts and on Instagram younique_corporate.

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