Top Earners Jorge Salcedo And Viviana Bernal From Colombia Join Impact Global

Jorge Salcedo and Viviana Bernal stated:

“Having been in the network marketing industry for more than 8 years, we now look back on our journey and realize the incredible value of everything we have experienced and learned.

Throughout this process, great opportunities have come into our lives, one of them, and a very important one, being Impact Global today.

The day we met with the Chairman of Impact Global Jed Buenaluz, he shared this great vision of Impacting the lives of thousands of families around the world by sharing this powerful opportunity. It was a moment that marked our lives. We realized that the main purpose was not just money or success.

Although both are important, the true mission here at this company is spreading a message and platform that is able to change people’s lives from a mental and spiritual state, while growing their financial situation.

Our second meeting with Redis F. and Luigi D. in Italy gave us the full conviction of wanting to take massive action on this opportunity. They represent true entrepreneurship within the MLM industry from a business perspective, having grown some of the largest companies in the networking market as top corporate executives.

In our career, God has been the promoter of all the success we have been able to build as a couple. Before achieving success, the path of entrepreneurship always comes with moments in which you want to give up. In this journey, we believe everyone also encounters a few life changing moments, on which full action needs to be taken to grow into your fullest successful potential.

Jorge Salcedo And Viviana Bernal From Colombia

There are a few great pivotal moments of power that fuel your engine to continue and create incredible growth towards your biggest goals and dreams. Impact Global is one of those moments and an opportunity that can change the situation of tens of thousands of individuals.

We are fully embracing this opportunity, as a team together with our children, who are the reason we do what we do. We are embarking on the vision of IMPACT GLOBAL, a company that allows us to create the next level of success as a family and thousands of other families.

Being able to build teams of thousands of people in different countries and cities around the world was something we always dreamed of and we worked at it day in and day out to make this dream a reality. Something we want to make sure everybody understands, is that the great results we have had are not due to talent. Although talent can help, the main fuel behind our success has and always will be God, our main partner in business.

Jorge Salcedo And Viviana Bernal on stage

Next to having this unwavering belief in God and your ability to succeed, the network marketing industry provides the ultimate vehicle to lead yourself and thousands of people to build true financial freedom.

As long as it is developed with professionalism and you have a much bigger purpose than just making money, a unique platform like Impact Global provides a better way for you to create true freedom.

When you focus on becoming a professional and are fueled by wanting to help the people who join you to develop their abilities within this industry, you are will have a huge impact with Impact Global.

Together with this company we are 100% convinced that we will be creating a Global Impact on the lives of thousands of people, with GOD being next to us in this journey.”

About Impact Global

Impact Global Lifestyle LLC is a privately-owned network marketing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is revolutionizing the industry with its fresh and innovative approach. By offering a multi-vertical approach that includes both digital and physical products, the company provides a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs globally.

The product offerings include an online education platform, luxury lifestyle services, premium wellness, skincare products, and a compensation plan that is unmatched in the industry.

Impact Global’s mission is to create a purpose-built brand that positively disrupts the network marketing industry by empowering individuals with effective products and a movement that makes it easy to fall in love with. For more information see the article on the founding team and the company here: The launch of Impact Global

Get more information, facts and figures about Impact Global, click here for the Impact Global overview.

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