DUOLIFE Events – Unlimited Possibilities In The MLM Industry

Development is a key aspect to be successful in multi-level marketing. When deciding to operate in the MLM industry, you have to take into account that only constant improvement of your competences will allow you to achieve satisfactory results in it.

But where to look for motivation and inspiration for self-development? Training and business events organized by DUOLIFE S.A. are an ideal place. It is thanks to them that Club Members operating as part of the DUOLIFE club have a chance to improve their skills.

Development is the future

DUOLIFE S.A. focuses on the development of its club members and offers them participation in many training and business events. Currently, the company is the organizer of the following cyclical events:

  • Business Development Seminars International Online;
  • softmarketing® LeadersCamp Online;
  • Today for  Tomorrow | International Convention.

In addition, DUOLIFE also creates incentive programs in the form of:

  • DUOLIFE CLUB TRIPS Manager Training Trip;
  • DUOLIFE CLUB TRIPS Director Training Trip.

The multitude of events organized by DUOLIFE is conducive to the fact that Club Members will find something for themselves. Training panels at events are addressed not only to new members of the DUOLIFE club, but also to leaders who have built their structures many years ago. DUOLIFE assumes that self-development should take place all the time. Therefore, even when achieving the highest position in the DUOLIFE club, it is worth further polishing your competences. 

Many options and a cosmos of possibilities

As previously mentioned, DUOLIFE events meet the needs of Club Members, regardless of the stage of their career. So let’s see what characterizes the individual events organized by the company and what you can expect from them.

Business Development Seminars International Online

It is an ideal place to learn about the concept of the DUOLIFE club, as well as the principles of softmarketing, the business model, on which the functioning of the club is based. During BDS International Online, the participant has the opportunity to meet the co-founders of the company, experts and trainers in the field of personal development, health and business, and TOP leaders of the DUOLIFE Club.

BDS is an online event. Speakers appearing on the virtual stage of the event show what the activities of the DUOLIFE club are all about, and key experts provide knowledge about the company’s products. At BDS, the Club Member also has the opportunity to learn how to take the first steps in multi-level marketing.

One of the elements of the event is also a joint celebration of successes in the form of an awards session with the special participation of club members who have been promoted since the previous edition of the event. BDS is a compendium of knowledge about DUOLIFE – in a short, condensed form. Perfect for people starting their adventure with the DUOLIFE club.

softmarketing® LeadersCamp Online

This is an online event that is a development training. During softmarketing® Leaders Camp Online, participants learn how to communicate correctly, how to negotiate and how to develop their teams in the spirit of softmarketing®.

The training is conducted by Joanna K. Gdaniec, Beata Kapcewicz and Agata Kosyło. They are well-known and respected experts in the field of personal development. Practitioners of multi-level marketing are invited to each training. This combination of experience in building effective businesses and leadership attitudes with knowledge and commitment create valuable training material. This is why these events are very popular.

Today for Tomorrow | International Convention

The largest cyclical event organized by DUOLIFE. For several years, the event has been held in Arena Gliwice and brings together several thousand people from around the world. The co-founders of DUOLIFE, speakers, trainers, foreign experts, guests and TOP leaders of the DUOLIFE club appear on the TFT stage.

Substantive lectures and the power of inspiring and motivating stories told by outstanding speakers are one of TFT’s hallmarks. During this event, product launches and summaries of incentive programs are also held. The theme of this year’s TFT is a flight into space and the slogan #CosmosOfPossibilities. This is not a random password. DUOLIFE gives its Club Members unlimited possibilities on their way to success. Participation in TFT is to bring this success closer.

TFT is not only lectures and discussion panels. The event is traditionally crowned by a party hosted by a DJ. What characterizes the event is the balance between development and learning and having fun.

During DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB and DUOLIFE CLUB TRIPS, Club Members participating in them also participate in training panels and lectures. And all this in a beautiful foreign scenery.

Why is it worth it?

Participation in DUOLIFE events is of course an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and a great dose of motivation and inspiration to take action. But that’s not all. DUOLIFE events are also a great recruitment tool. BDS International Online fulfills this role particularly well, where potential Club Members can learn about the whole world of DUOLIFE in one place. What is interesting and unique compared to other companies, all DUOLIFE events are interpreted simultaneously. BDS International Online from 2021 had a record number of translations. The event was then translated into 11 languages. It is closely followed by Today for Tomorrow | International Convention. In April 2023, the event was translated into 10 languages. Participants from all over the world therefore have a chance to see that the MLM industry can be an alternative or even a primary source of income.

DUOLIFE events also bring together experts and Club Members from around the world. It is a great place to make international acquaintances, contacts and friendships. The cosmos of possibilities offered by DUOLIFE to its Club Members is expressed precisely in the events organized by the company.


DUOLIFE is a joint-stock company founded in Poland in 2013, operating globally on 52 markets and territories, based on the proprietary softmarketing® business model.

DUOLIFE Club members operate all over the world, and the company’s products are shipped not only to European, but also Asian, North and South American countries.

The company owns two factories, where under the watchful eye of the Research and Development Department and the Scientific Council, new products lines are being created. One of them produces supplements in liquid and capsule form, the other works on cosmetics.

The uniqueness of DuoLife products is based on the ingredients of the highest quality. The performance of many of them has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials. The DuoLife product portfolio contains over 70 products.

Currently, the company is getting ready to enter the Stock Exchange, and in its development plans for 2020-2025, it foresees the opening of new markets and its turnover increase in Europe, Asia and North America. For more information please visit www.myduolife.com

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