Isagenix Elect Not To Renew An Associate Contract?

Jay Bennett is / was a top earner and the “Golden Boy” in Isagenix and earned a total of more than $22 million dollars from Isagenix. He joined the company back in 2002.

This year Isagenix completed a recapitalisation transaction and a transition to new ownership, as the company was closed to bankruptcy.

As of May 2023, Bennett and his family own five income positions within Isagenix’s MLM opportunity. Jay Bennett has sued Isagenix over what he refers to as “The False MLM Promise”.

From an “independent” distributor point of view this is an interesting case. Can a company just throw you out?

Recently the termination policy for all Isagenix distributors was changed to:

“Isagenix may, at its reasonable discretion, elect not to renew your Associate Contract. Isagenix will notify you of its intent not to renew on or before the anniversary of your enrollment.”

Bennett and his family refused to agree with above policy and stated:

“Once an Associate works hard to achieve a high rank with the corresponding residual income, Isagenix will confiscate that income for its own pecuniary benefit.

Worse, since Isagenix cuts off the Associates income, the Associate is left without any funds to assert his or her rights, and this is what Isagenix counts on.”

Isagenix claims:

“Mr. Bennett similarly reaffirmed his agreement when he applied for and received his third Position in 2016, promising to comply with “all Isagenix Policies and Produces and Compensation Plan as currently published or as amended in the future.”

The first round in the lawsuit is a win for Bennett:

“The granted injunction requires Isagenix to restore Bennett’s access to his five distributor accounts. Isagenix is also prohibited from tampering with Bennett’s downline structure. Isagenix was additionally ordered to post a $1,500,000 bond.”

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Established in 2002, Isagenix International believes that everyone deserves to experience a healthy, joyful, and abundant life. The global wellbeing company based in Gilbert, Arizona artfully crafts more than 175 effective products and offers a supportive community for its customers worldwide.

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