ByDzyne’s Bleydiyan Garcia and Yadir Martinez from Colombia Achieves 1-Star President

Influential power couples are on the rise in network marketing and particularly through the promising region of Latin America, and ByDzyne has unveiled its latest superstars with the arrival of new 1-Star Presidents Bleydiyan Garcia and Yadir Martinez from Colombia. 

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

Bleydiyan and Yadir, a married couple from the central city of Villavicencio, Colombia, come from traditional businesses in car sales (Bleydiyan) and bank management (Yadir).

Although they appreciate their extensive experience in customer service and negotiation, the personal and professional opportunistic world of multi-level marketing along with the ability to inspire others just blew them away. 

A little over two years later since they first started in the industry, Bleydiyan and Yadir believe they have now found what they’ve always been dreaming for. 

“I always dreamt of being part of a real network marketing company and I found in ByDzyne what I was looking for–personal growth, professional growth, leadership, teamwork, travel, and fulfilling my purpose on earth to help many women in the world.

In addition, from the day we were fortunate enough to meet the owners at ByDzyne, they have welcomed us with warmth and closeness, making us feel like an important part of the team.

What we value most is their willingness to share all their knowledge and experience with us. They encourage us to learn from them, to grow, and to reach our professional goals while guiding us with wisdom and patience.

This culture of collaboration and openness has allowed us to develop as professionals and build strong relationships in this large family who like us believe in God as King and Savior,”

expressed a grateful Bleydiyan. 

“Today I feel very confident that I’m in the right place in a solid company with a clear purpose and the hand of God, which is what the owners transmit to me, and as the days go by I am confidently reminded that we are going to take this organization to many generations,”

added Yadir. 

ByDzyne’s executive team is extremely proud of the Colombian leaders, and believes that their strength as a couple in serving those around them is pivotal to long-term success. 

“Congratulations to Bleydiyan Garcia and Yadir Martinez on becoming ByDzyne’s newest 1-Star Presidents!

BD nation recognizes your hard work and dedication today, and celebrates this wonderful achievement with you and your family.

We love that you both are doing this together, supporting each other to achieve your dreams through all the highs and all the lows.

Continue to spur each other on and do not grow weary in serving your team and the people around you. It makes all the difference and will catapult you both to even greater heights,”

declared Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders. 

The couple, who is just grateful for the platform to motivate people to chase after their dreams, highlights their faith in God, the unwavering support from their mentors, and collaboration from their hard-working team as the pillars of their rise to success and the firm foundation for the challenges up ahead. 

“The dedication and work multiplied by faith plus the unconditional support of our mentors, Bairon Choconta, Korab Kozgori, and Andres Apontte, are the perfect formula to achieve any goal.

Their guidance and leadership have been fundamental for the growth and consolidation of our team. Each member of our team has also made daring decisions and put in their best effort every step of the way.

Together, we have overcome obstacles and challenges, proving that with determination and working in the same direction, anything is possible. This achievement not only fills us with pride but also motivates us to continue on our path towards progress, success, and sustained excellence,”

shared ByDzyne’s newest 1-Star Presidents. 

Although Bleydiyan and Yadir have enjoyed their recent accomplishments, they are now on the hunt to quickly become 2-Star Presidents and eventually hit the prominent Crown rank. 

Regardless of when those achievements will be realized, their hearts remain driven to inspire their children and millions of families all around the world to break off from the chains of financial burdens, to lead by example in service and gratitude, and build a faith-driven life with shared success for them and their entire organization. 

“I’m a woman who believes in God and whose life is driven by love and faith. Through the processes, I find strength and learning, knowing that every step is part of God’s plan.

I recognize that God has destined me for an extraordinary purpose, and so I embrace challenges with courage.

I always seek to raise my standards and surpass my limits, knowing that true success is not only achieving goals, but being consistent with my principles and values. In every step I take, my greatest desire is to honor God and be a light in the world,”

proclaimed a motivated Bleydiyan. 

“As a person, my main focus is to serve and bring value to people, seeking to facilitate the work of the team with efficiency and diligence. I am characterized by being a challenge solver, facing every obstacle with determination and creativity.

In addition, I like to be with my wife and family, as I find in their company the support and happiness that motivate me to be a better version of myself every day.

My passion for helping others and my dedication to my family form the basis of my commitment to contribute positively in all aspects of my life,”

concluded Yadir. 

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