Council Recommends Zinzino Discontinue Certain Health Claims

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) of BBB National Programs recommended that certain health-related product performance claims made on social media platforms by Zinzino, LLC salesforce members be discontinued.

DSSRC challenged these claims as part of its ongoing independent monitoring of advertising and marketing claims in the direct selling industry. Zinzino is a direct selling company that offers nutritional supplements to consumers.

The health-related product performance claims include, but are not limited to:

  • “CORONA VIRUS PROTECTION…providing a reassuring solution against viral infections”
  • “Healthymc for Zinzino is sharing a COVID-19 Update BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM”
  • “When I wake up in the morning I used to have a hard time to bend down because I felt a bit of pain in the lower back or in the foot joints and that is actually completely gone”
  • “We’re all worried right now about the Coronavirus pandemic, so now more than ever, is the time to balance our health and boost the immune system.”
  • “#psoriasis #eczema #dermatitis #diabetes #arthritis #C[h]ronicpain”
  • “You notice that your high blood pressure goes away, you noticed that perhaps some joint paint might have disappeared, dermatitis, psoriasis…they go away.”
  • “Benefits are attributable to reduced inflammation and improved cellular membrane fluidity. Users experience improved arthritis pain, greater energy and stamina, faster recovery from exercise, fewer headaches, better sleep, and mental clarity.”
  • “#WorldDiabetesDay #WorldDiabetesDay2022 #DiabetesAwareness #Diabetes #DiabetesAwaremessMonth”
  • “Support the immune system; lower cholesterol and enhance heart health; improve gut health; decrease inflammation; may fight cancer; regulate blood sugar levels; lower risk of obesity #preventscancer”

Zinzino did not provide substantiation for the challenged claims, so DSSRC requested that Zinzino immediately remove all social media posts indicating that its products are effective against the health-related conditions outlined in the challenged social posts.

DSSRC appreciated Zinzino’s participation in the self-regulatory process and its efforts to immediately take down or modify five of the 11 social media posts at issue. Multiple posts, however, still remain accessible to the public.

While DSSRC appreciates Zinzino’s good faith efforts, DSSRC recommended that Zinzino continue efforts to have the remaining social media posts with the unsubstantiated health-related claims removed from social media, including by attempting to contact the individual in writing.

At this time, DSSRC has requested, but not received, the take-down requests that Zinzino provided to the salesforce members responsible for the remaining public posts. If the non-responsive salesforce members responsible for those posts are active salesforce members with Zinzino, DSSRC recommends that proper enforcement actions be taken to suspend or terminate its relationship with those salesforce members.

Alternatively, if the salesforce members are no longer active, DSSRC recommends that Zinzino contact the website or platform in writing and request removal of the subject claims or posts and also consider including a reply in the comment section of those posts, indicating that the claim has not been authorized by Zinzino.

Zinzino, regrettably, did not provide a timely Company Statement. DSSRC will continue to monitor any product performance claims and earnings claims disseminated by Zinzino and its salesforce members.

Should Zinzino fail to provide DSSRC with a Company Statement within a reasonable period of time, DSSRC will use its discretion to refer this matter to the appropriate government agency pursuant to section VI(E) of the DSSRC Policies and Procedures.

About Zinzino

Zinzino AB (publ.) is a global Direct Sales company that markets and sells test-based nutrition, skincare and life-style products. Zinzino owns the research unit BioActive Foods AS and production unit Faun Pharma AS.

Zinzino is based in Gothenburg, with additional offices in Finland, Latvia, Norway, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Zinzino is a public company and its shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. For more informaton please visit

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