Ahmad Zen Achieves Royal Crown Diamond Rank In Earn.World

Ahmad Zen’s consistency and resilience have helped him achieve the prestigious rank of Royal Crown at Earn.World, the fast growing company in the direct selling sector.

Ahmad, a 44-year-old seasoned network marketer who resides in the UAE but has Syrian roots, has always been hardworking and driven from an early age. Ahmad didn’t have a proper education, as he had to work since he was 11 years old to support his family in sales.

In 1997, he decided to move to the UAE in search of more opportunities and a better life. He moved to the UAE at the age of 18 and worked in the hospitality and banking sector for ten years.

The Syrian leader joined the network marketing industry in 2009 and has been in the field for 15 years. He has evolved into a motivational speaker throughout the years.

Ahmad chose network marketing because it’s an industry that can help people, poor or average, grow and achieve what they truly desire. With his experience as a motivational speaker, he discovered that many people were not comfortable with their financial conditions; therefore, he saw an opportunity to assist them so they would be able to have the life they wanted. Instead of exchanging their time for a job, he wished for people to exchange it for an opportunity that could transform their lives.

“Network marketing is the only industry that can help someone earn six to seven figures a year through the power of duplication.

People with little expertise who wish to invest as little as $100 can do so since the industry will teach them and the team they are with will help them grow and become professional entrepreneurs.”

said Ahmad.

After working on different projects in the MLM sector, he spotted an opportunity with the boom of the crypto industry in 2017, so he went further to become a certified global blockchain and crypto expert. He later found a home at Earn.World, a company he believes has unlimited potential to positively influence the lives of many, and quickly committed himself to the Earn.World platform.
The Syrian leader chose Earn.World for three basic reasons:

  1. Having a corporate team and leader like Suki Chen, along with his game-changing vision
  2. Outstanding technology and transparency
  3. A company run by industry experts.

When asked about the factors that has contributed to his success, Ahmad said:

 “My strengths and resilience: if someone does it, I can do it better. My constant desire to learn, attitude, skills, and knowledge have all contributed to my achievement. The most important aspect is consistency.

It’s not only enough to have a dream; you must also have a plan.  Moreover, I know that I deserve to be successful and financially free so that I can provide the best life for my family, my loved ones, and myself .”

Ahmad’s success story is an inspiration for hard work, unwavering dedication, and a passion for uplifting others. While dedicating himself to the growth of Earn.world, he intends to help as many people as possible gain financial freedom and also inspire other networkers in the industry. 

About Earn.World

Earn.World, the world’s most advanced and transparent trading infrastructure, is the first company in the crypto industry to ever store trading data on the blockchain. The company is providing a smarter way to automate crypto by enabling users to make profit from every market move with its fully automated trading infrastructure. In collaboration with leading experts in the AI trading market, Earn.World enables traders to earn up to 12% per month through sophisticated algorithms and tried-and-tested strategies.

Spearheaded by Suki Chen, one of the most respected and reputable figures in the blockchain space, the company has secured over 50 key partnerships with over $400 billion in trading experience. For more information, please visit www.earn.world

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