Top Leaders Ron And Sandy Brittain Join Bravenly

Bravenly Global is happy to announce that Sandy and Ron Brittain, who bring four decades of direct selling experience, have joined as Brand Partners. Their remarkable 40-year career is a testament to their resilience, entrepreneurial drive, leadership, and dedication to uplifting others through the power of network marketing.

Over the years, this dynamic duo has achieved record-breaking success, earned awards, owned their own network marketing company and been #1 top earners in the field.

Bravenly Global’s CEO/Founder Aspen Emry said:

“We feel beyond blessed that servant leaders of the caliber, character and tremendous experience of Sandy and Ron Brittain are joining the Bravenly Global family. We want this community to be a beacon of hope, preserving the promise of network marketing for generations to come.”

Sandy and Ron Brittain shared:

“We’ve experienced the highs and lows of this industry, but joining Bravenly Global feels like coming home. It’s not just about WHAT you are doing, but WHO you are doing it with. We’re excited to be part of a community that values integrity, courage, faith and a genuine commitment to making a difference.”

From Stay-at-Home Mom to the Top 1%

After the birth of her first child, Sandy, eager to avoid leaving her baby to return to corporate work, discovered network marketing. Embracing its flexibility and potential, Sandy and Ron quickly rose to the top 1% in their first company. Their success brought multiple cars and free trips, enabling Sandy to thrive as a stay-at-home mom and marked the beginning of their ascent as leading figures in the industry.

Exponential Growth, Private Jets, and the White House

The Brittains’ next venture took them to new heights, which they helped grow to $10 million in monthly sales in the first year, building a team of 200,000+ distributors. This enabled Ron to start a non-profit foundation for people with disabilities. Their exponential growth was marked by thrilling highs, including private jet travels and a White House invitation, but also faced challenges with the eventual closure of the company they had diligently built.

Founders of a Network Marketing Company

After this experience, the desire to help others led Sandy and Ron to then create their own network marketing company. But after a decade of constant hard work and dedication, they realized their original dreams had instead turned into a highly-demanding office job, 7 days a week. This prompted their return to their roots in the field and passion for team-building.

Back In the Field: Building to the Top, Overcoming Challenges

Sandy and Ron then became distributors with a major publicly-traded aloe-product network marketing company. They quickly achieved Rookie of the Year in 2005 and became the fastest to reach the Presidential level in the company’s history. However, within three years, the company was bombarded with serious legal and management challenges, which impacted them deeply.

Renewing Their Faith in Network Marketing

Just when they thought their journey in network marketing was over, an introduction to Bravenly Global rekindled their passion. Impressed by the new company founders’ integrity, experience, heart for the field, and true passion for network marketing, Sandy and Ron saw a new opportunity to make a difference and to once again have the joy of building and mentoring teams.

Inspired by their longtime friends and mentors in the industry, Garrett & Sylvia McGrath, and the strong, supportive leadership of Keith & Heather Halls, the Brittains found a renewed sense of trust, peace and purpose.

Sandy Brittain shared:

“High-impact natural products that get results are a JOY to share. Being partnered with a company that’s privately-owned by a family that wants to do things right and create a legacy for decades to come is a blessing. To see network marketing done right again is like a breath of fresh air.” 

Ron Brittain shared:

“Achieving the Executive Director level in our first weeks here was simple, by sharing with some of our dear long-time friends. Now they too are gaining better health, sharing and earning good money again*. It just goes to show, you’re not too old, too young, too busy, too tired, too poor or too rich to be a part of something that’s making a difference for so many people!”

*Bravenly Global Income Disclosure Statement

CEO/Founder Aspen Emry said:

“Our three pillars are Courage, Integrity and Impact. Sandy and Ron are lifelong examples of this – plus a wealth of wisdom! We’re excited to collaborate and partner with you and your teams. Welcome home.”

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