Vida Divina Acquires Peruvian MLM, MIALÉ

Vida Divina ® announces that it has finalized the acquisition of 100% of all the assets and fully taken over all operations of MIALÉ, a company with Headquarters in Lima, Peru.

Vida Divina Worldwide Inc., an influential multinational company and manufacturer of nutritional and lifestyle products, takes a bold step into the future by announcing the acquisition of MIALÉ, a leading Latin American multi-level marketing company headquartered in Lima, Peru, founded by entrepreneurs Christian Guevara and Roberto Guevara and with a portfolio of more than 25 products designed to improve people’s well-being.

The acquisition represents a strategic plan that promises to revolutionize the network marketing industry in South America and beyond. Vida Divina, which already has a global presence in more than 50 countries and with ten distribution centers worldwide, is now positioned to expand its reach and offer exceptional opportunities and products to an even broader audience.

Armand Puyolt, CEO of Vida Divina, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition:

“We have been working on adding multiple companies to our VIDA DIVINA® family for quite some time. We were drawn to MIALÉ due to their vision and desire for growth in the industry, and we are delighted to welcome them on board.”

Neftaly Pineda, COO of Vida Divina, tells us,

“The fusion of the strength of the acquisition of the Peruvian company MIALÉ by VIDA DIVINA® is in the manufacturing of products. With more than 25 products that MIALÉ produces currently in Peru and with the range of 30 VIDA DIVINA® products approved by the Peruvian government, VIDA DIVINA® will give an impressive portfolio of products for all our affiliates.

With our eyes open to opening new markets in Chile and Bolivia, this strategic move will facilitate our growth in those markets and others within Latin America. That’s why we are very excited about this opportunity.”

MIALÉ has been the result of the vision and determination of 2 brothers, Christian Guevara and Roberto Guevara. Throughout their careers, both entrepreneurs have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to network marketing and improving the lives of Latino families.

His experience includes leading multinational organizations with over 120,000 members in several Latin American countries.

We interviewed Christian and Roberto Guevara to share their vision of joining Vida Divina and the reason behind their decision:

“After seven years of a successful career, conditions arose that no Networker wanted, and we decided to create an opportunity where people could feel like family and a vision for the future. We started our own Network Marketing company, MIALÉ, with 14 nutritional products and the primary vision of helping change the lives of at least 100,000 Peruvian Families.

We identified with Mr. Armand Puyolt upon meeting and knowing that he had seen many issues in the management of other companies in the past and, for similar reasons as ours and thinking about the well-being of the people who trust him, he decided to start VIDA DIVINA® in 2016. At MIALÉ, we have all the power to make our promise a reality; the problem is it would take us much longer to help the people we want.

We saw that a union with Mr. Armand Puyolt and VIDA DIVINA® could result in faster and more solid growth, reaching many more people and permitting us to continue working hand-in-hand in the field.
Many companies end up being somewhat modified copies of older ones; some promise to have the best juice, the best nutritional shake, the best slimming X, the best energizer, the best financial services academy, the best payment plan, or the best corporate team.

They all have excellent intentions, but only some can present themselves as a comprehensive opportunity. Many follow trends that then disappear; they only tend to copy and try to improve a little on what is on the market. VIDA DIVINA® is different; its unique mix of products and patents is impressive, and visiting their 12-acre facility in Ontario, California, was impressive, especially their manufacturing capabilities.

Seeing VIDA DIVINA® is seeing a real FAMILY; a family is loved, protected, and only given the best quality, attention, products, pay plan, etc. As part of our training as Networkers, we have been influenced by different mentors throughout these 15 years, and in December 2018, at a Network Marketing Pro event, we saw Mr. Armand Puyolt training on stage in the MGM Grand Arena; he impacted us so much we had to meet him in person.

“We were impressed by his simplicity, experience, humility, impeccable work ethic, and desire to bring success to the entire planet no matter what company you represent: building an industry where people feel safe without changes that harm the Independent Affiliate.”

We have seen in Mr. Armand Puyolt’s integrity, experience, read his book MLM GURU HANDBOOK, his #IMPARABLES System, the humility and intelligence of surrounding himself with key corporate personnel of excellence and expertise in this industry.

That give all his Affiliates the peace of mind of knowing that in addition to having a growing range of products with the highest quality standards, VIDA DIVINA® own laboratories and giant distribution centers, offices in 12 different countries.

“A Giant Vision and a compensation plan that we have been able to verify as the best in the entire industry, without those locks and with requirements that truly allow anyone with a burning desire reflected in massive action achieving high levels of financial success and personal and professional growth for anyone who wants it.”

It caught our attention that the vast majority of high-ranking affiliates at VIDA DIVINA® have NO prior experience in sales or Network Marketing. VIDA DIVINA® is not a promise; it is a tangible reality with sustained and growing success month by month, which more and more people are looking at as a home where they can leave a LEGACY to the next generations.

We remember the first in-person conversation with Mr. Armand Puyolt. He said:

“We believe in working based on family values; we work to give people the best products, a plan that rewards most fairly, support in the field, and the vision of improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Latin American families… why continue working separately when together we are much stronger?”

Anyone looking for a solid opportunity in Network Marketing will find all the perfect conditions to launch their career in this industry at VIDA DIVINA® with its Unique Products, Compensation Plan, International Expansions, System Development, Field and Corporate Leadership development, and much more.

The world is already seeing what VIDA DIVINA® is capable of doing. Many Networkers are looking for a home where they can build and leave a legacy.
We are excited about the present and the near future for millions of people who still do not know about Network Marketing or the potential of working with the entire VIDA DIVINA® family.

As Gabriel García Márquez said in his book One Hundred Years of Solitude:

“…things have a life of their own, it is just a matter of awakening their soul…”

Together, we will deliver the opportunity, one person at a time; let’s awaken souls and tell them that there is ALWAYS a better way to do things, and better if we do it together.

We believe more families can live without limitations, without worrying about money or time. We dream and believe in an improved Latin America. We firmly believe that the more dreams we nourish and the more tools in education and skills we give to people so that they can grow financially and in physical, mental, and emotional health, we can truly begin to be a machine of change for the people, knowing that everything starts from with a dream.

MIALÉ thanks you, Mr. Armand Puyolt, and the entire VIDA DIVINA® family for welcoming us into this beautiful home. We are optimistic that we will be able to do great things together. Now it’s time; let’s get to work!”

Vice President of VIDA DIVINA® Oliver Chiriboga responds:

”I want to express how happy I am about the growth we are experiencing at VIDA DIVINA®. At this exciting time, I want to share our plan for the MIALÉ brand with all of you. This acquisition represents an important milestone in our history and fills us with excitement for what the future holds.

One of our main goals in having MIALÉ in our Ark is that in the coming months, we will reformulate and enhance MIALÉ products in our laboratories; we will ensure that they meet the high-quality standards that VIDA DIVINA® is proud to maintain, allowing them to be perfectly integrated into our product portfolio that we have all over the world.

We’re not just talking about adding products; we are talking about a synergy that will allow us to offer our clients in south America an even more comprehensive range of options that support their well-being and lifestyle.

As part of our innovation strategy, we will also present new branding on all our MIALÉ products by June 2024. This focus on product design and presentation will enhance your visual appeal and convey the quality and excellence we stand for as the VIDA DIVINA® brand.

But this news is not limited to Peru; it transcends borders. We are determined to strengthen the VIDA DIVINA® brand throughout South America. Our expansion strategy includes VIDA DIVINA® to open markets in Bolivia and Chile. We will work hand in hand with our affiliates and maximize their experience and local knowledge. We want our VIDA DIVINA® brand to be synonymous with quality, trust, and opportunities for success in the minds of all people worldwide.”

Armand Puyolt concludes:

“The acquisition of MIALÉ is a testament to VIDA DIVINA’s commitment to our vision of being a “comprehensive opportunity” for everyone worldwide.

Looking to the future, I see a horizon full of exciting opportunities. Innovation and growth are essential for us.

I am eager to work alongside each of you, contribute to your entrepreneurial experiences, and achieve significant challenges for you and your families. Together, we will create a future full of innovation, growth, and shared success. Welcome everyone from MIALÉ to the VIDA DIVINA® WORLDWIDE family.”

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