ByDzyne’s Angie Sandoya from Ecuador Achieves 2-Star President

Rising stars are making waves at ByDzyne yet again. Although just 26 years old, the company’s newest 2-Star President from Ecuador, Angie Sandoya, has emerged as a promising leader with tremendous influence and an infectious zeal for helping others succeed. 

*A 2-Star President generates over $400,000 USD of sales revenue in two weeks or less. 

Before venturing into network marketing, Angie was a language teacher, utilizing her passion for education and communication. However, her career took a new direction when she entered the network marketing industry five years ago.

Since then, she has embraced the challenges and opportunities that come with building a network marketing business and believes she is in the right place to grow and build for the long haul. 

“I chose ByDzyne as my network marketing vehicle because it is a company with an executive team with many years of industry experience.

It is always in constant innovation and improvement in its products and services, and I have realized that ByDzyne does not follow trends, it creates them.

I am extremely grateful for the executive team’s unconditional support and for genuinely caring about each and every one of us distributors.

They show us every day that they are here to create a legacy,”

said an appreciative Angie.

Chanida Puranaputra, ByDzyne’s chairwoman, is joyous for her Ecuadorian leader. She is also confident that with the same mindset and drive that has brought her to local stardom, Angie is primed for even greater success.

“Congratulations to Angie Sandoya on becoming our newest 2-Star President! We celebrate your hard work and dedication to yourself, your team, and your dreams today.

We are very proud of you! We know this is just the beginning, too. Keep dreaming big. Keep believing in who you are. Keep working hard. If you can dream it, you can achieve it! We cannot wait, Angie!”

shared an enthusiastic Chanida. 

Angie attributes her recent success to a combination of hard work, education, and mentorship. She believes that staying proactive and learning from experienced mentors are crucial elements for achieving greatness in the network marketing industry.

Furthermore, she acknowledges the support of her family, mentors Marcell Rodriguez and Gustavo Salinas, and her dedicated team for their role in her journey.

Looking ahead, Angie has set her sights on even grander achievements. Her goal is to reach the 3-Star President accolade and then prestigious Crown rank by the end of 2024 while also nurturing new leaders within her team. She is confident that this is just the beginning of her journey with ByDzyne and is eager to see what the future holds. 

“I come from the traditional world, but I firmly believe that the network marketing industry, specifically ByDzyne can change your life 180 degrees as it did mine!

So, please follow your dreams and trust in God’s plans.

As for me, my greatest motivation is to continue reaching new achievements and growing in the industry to help many people fulfill their dreams and goals, to help my family grow and

and move forward, and above all else help all the people in my organization who trust in this industry and in ByDzyne to achieve the results they are looking for and to grow in all aspects of their lives.”

expressed a determined Angie. 

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