ByDzyne’s Christian Burbano and Paula Montañez from South America Achieve 1-Star President

It’s a new year, but ByDzyne is continuing its familiar array of producing some of the industry’s brightest new stars, and this month, have yet another Latin couple to highlight, with the emergence of its newest 1-Star Presidents, Christian Burbano and Paula Montañez. 

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

Christian, a former automotive engineer and business coach from Quito, Ecuador, and Paula, a former cosmetologist and health specialist from Bucaramanga, Colombia, have just five years of industry experience but have quickly risen in local status and influence.

While they have built organizations throughout Latin America, including teams in Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia, the couple was hungry for a company in which they could find innovation and longevity. With ByDzyne, they are convinced they have hit the jackpot.   

“What makes ByDzyne different from anything else we have seen is the values and heart of its owners and the excellence with which they work.

It is a company guided by people who traveled the same path as independent entrepreneurs in the industry. On top of that, four factors separate ByDzyne from the rest—compensation plan, products, timing, and leadership!”

conveyed Christian and Paula.

Whether it’s a compensation plan that the couple believes is the most generous they’ve ever seen in the industry, products that capture the hottest trends on the market, the belief that it is currently the most suitable time for personal and business growth, or mentors that continue to invest and train up the coming generation, Christian and Paula believe ByDzyne’s executive team have wholly tipped the scale in the network marketing landscape.

Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders, couldn’t agree more. Not only do they believe it’s leaders like Christian and Paula that make the company unique, but they trust that the company owners and executive team have worked vigorously to punch ByDzyne’s one-way ticket to global relevancy. 

“Congratulations to Christian Burbano and Paula Montañez on becoming ByDzyne’s latest 1-Star Presidents! BD Nation celebrates you both today and recognizes your diligence, effort, and tenacity in achieving this wonderful feat.

You are a living testimony that his company is for anyone willing to work hard for their dreams. It is what ByDzyne is all about. We are so proud of the products and opportunity here, and we know ByDzyne is primed for even greater success,”

declared the Chongs.    

Firm believers in the hope of this industry and that it’s handmade for anyone with a dream, ByDzyne’s newest 1-Star Presidents have been highly grateful for the process and the people who have been prominent throughout their journey.   

“This triumph reflects a decision we made together to grow and impact more people with this opportunity.

It would also be impossible without our mentors, Mr. Gustavo Salinas and Miss Daniela Alvarez, who have given us all their support since day one when we knew absolutely nothing about this industry, team building, or leadership.

Today, thanks to their guidance, support, mentoring, and friendship, we have changed our lifestyle and have built ourselves up for the future,”

shared the Ecuadorian leaders.  

That future begins now. Christian and Paula are focused on the goals ahead and are eager to make an impact, create history in the industry, and transform lives worldwide.  

“What motivates us is to positively impact many people’s lives worldwide and transform their future and destiny.

With that, our goal is to grow in our country in the main cities and create an international organization in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Latin America, with organizations of more than 200 people in each country.

We also aim to have Diamonds and Presidents in our organization, and we intend to be Crowns of the company and catapult ourselves to one day being in the Top Income Earners of the Industry worldwide,”

imparted Christian and Paula. 

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