Lorena Gil Garza Achieves Elite Rank of Rock Star In Her First Month At Velovita

Velovita, a true leader in the health and nutrition biohacking space continues its global expansion into Latin America. Customers and members alike are raving about the nutritionally designed products with delicious flavors, all-natural dietary friendly ingredients (for the non-GMO, Keto, and Vegan enthusiasts) and most importantly, the instant gratification.

Velovita’s convenient and fun to use “snap” products and its EMF defense pendant tuün have been taking the world by storm one “snap” at a time, catching the eyes of some of the industry’s top leaders including Ms. Lorena Gil Garza.

Velovita’s growth in Mexico continues to increase in monumental numbers and Lorena is leading the pack, reaching the elite rank of “Rock Star” in her very first month of joining Velovita. This is proof that hard work, dedication, and epic products build the foundation for bountiful success in the direct sales industry. How does Lorena feel about global expansion?

“For me, having the possibility of developing my business in other countries was fascinating because since I was a child it has been one of my dreams to travel, to learn about other cultures and languages, and to be part of a global movement where I can do my part in every place that I can.”

Lorena has an impressive 23 years under her belt in the network marketing arena and has been involved in a variety of different opportunities from beauty, health, and wellness industries to Cryptocurrency. Lorena is no stranger to being at the top and achieving honorary ranks including the coveted rank of Blue Diamond at Nuskin. At her previous company, she was the top earner for 40 consecutive months in a row. When asked why she chose Velovita, she replied:

“The reasons why I left an organization of 22,000+ people and a big check to be part of Velovita is because of the person that owns the company, his philosophy of life, his integrity, his trajectory, his mission in life, and the reasons why Velovita was founded.”

Lorena shares a love for Velovita’s unique products, the quality of its ingredients, the development and technology advancements it’s made in only 4 short years, and of course, the compensation plan with a 5-year retirement plan. When asked about her motivation, she states that her goal is to share the opportunity with others and help them find a true home. When asked what makes Velovita rise above the rest of the many other direct sales companies, she replied:

“To have a home that can truly provide for so many others who are looking for a home. A company that values us, supports us honestly and genuinely to help us achieve our dreams and goals.”

Lorena came to the direct selling industry from a diverse background where she studied Hotel Management to become the Coordinator of Groups and Conventions at the First Chain Hotel in Monterrey. As a world traveler and true people person, she also lived in Italy where she had her own catering business and as well lived out her passion of selling fine Mexican Crafts. Lorena has dedicated her life to train leaders and help them improve their lives. Her mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of others and create a lasting legacy.

Lorena is well on her way to achieving greatness. For Lorena Gil Garza, the road to Success requires:

“Just one more step, one more call, one more presentation, read one more book, share the opportunity one more time, practice by example one more time and trying to be the best version of yourself every day.”

About Velovita

Founded on 90+ years of operational and field success, VELOVITA is rapidly becoming a global leader of innovation in the fields of biohacking, social selling, community expansion, and support for the new world entrepreneur. Their mission is to provide an ecosystem of inspiration, education, and life enrichment. VELOVITA has a singular focus on the individual to increase their daily performance, both mentally and physically.

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