Meet GOVVI’s Dynamic Leadership: Carrie Marshall and Angel Wall of Team ‘GO Time’

In the world of network marketing and entrepreneurship, two exceptional women have emerged as influential figures, driving Team ‘GO Time’ to greater achievements. 

Hailing from Canada, Carrie Marshall and Angel Wall have not only made a name for themselves within the GOVVI community but have also become sources of inspiration for those striving to excel in their careers. Let’s delve into their journeys, values, and the keys to their extraordinary success.

Angel Wall: The Heart and Soul of Team GO Time

Angel Wall, a true entrepreneur with a diverse career portfolio, brings a wealth of experience to the table. From running a daycare to venturing into network marketing, she’s always pursued her passions with unwavering determination.

Why GOVVI? Angel’s Inspiration

Angel’s journey with GOVVI commenced on June 6, 2022, driven by her belief in the ownership and the compelling vision set forth by the company. The exceptional products, especially Boost, captured her attention and sealed the deal.

Business Approach and Team Dynamics

Angel firmly believes that everyone matters, regardless of their rank or position. Approachability and a genuine love for everyone are at the core of her leadership style. Leading by example, she’s known for working as hard as anyone on her team.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Angel’s day typically begins with personal time and devotion. She then connects with teams across different time zones and plans her day accordingly, balancing her responsibilities with living her life to the fullest.

What Fuels Her Drive?

Her motivation is fueled by her family and the desire to prove that even someone from a small town can build a global business from home. Looking ahead to 2024, Angel aims to help thousands beat inflation by earning from home and to double the number of ranked leaders.

Carrie Marshall: The Dynamo of Dedication

Carrie Marshall is a force to be reckoned with in the world of entrepreneurship. With a background that spans network marketing and the banking industry, Carrie brings a unique skill set to her leadership role within Team GO Time.

Why GOVVI? What Inspired Carrie to Join?

Carrie’s journey with GOVVI began on June 6, 2022, driven by a profound belief in the visionary owners behind the company. Their commitment to building something exceptional was the initial draw. Additionally, Carrie saw immense potential in GOVVI’s products, with a particular fondness for Boost.

Leadership Style and Approach

Leadership is at the core of Carrie’s contribution to her team. She firmly believes in leading by example. Whether it’s in business meetings or daily tasks, Carrie infuses every moment with GOVVI slogan, “it’s go time.” This reflects her unwavering dedication and passion for what she does.

A Typical Workday and Work Management

Carrie’s workdays are dynamic, but they all begin with a clear focus on her goals. Mornings are reserved for business meetings, and the rest of the day involves tackling tasks and responsibilities as they come. Her approach is all about efficient task management to maximize productivity.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Her advice is simple yet powerful: In network marketing, consistency and dedication are the keys to success. Make a decision, believe in yourself, and go all in – that’s the recipe for achieving remarkable results.  She attributes the effectiveness of following GOVVI’s special Champion’s Leadership Training Program.

What Keeps Her Motivated?

Carrie’s main motivation is twofold: helping others and earning an income. She firmly believes in the life-changing potential of this opportunity, and this driving force keeps her energized and focused every day.

Angel Wall said,

“Our partnership thrives and flourishes for a couple reasons as best friends that met because of this industry we value and respect each other even when we don’t 100% agree with something.

We are total opposites so we both have different strengths and weaknesses. Carrie is an introvert and I’m a total extrovert.

Where one of us is strong, the other may be weak so coming together as a business unity has allowed us to bring extra value and support to the teams in totally different ways but as a unified team.

We both believe and trust in the vision that we are creating here alongside GOVVI as a company, so when the boat is all rowing in the same direction things come together beautifully!”

Carrie Marshall and Angel Wall’s partnership is a shining example of dedication, mutual respect, and a shared vision. They lead Team GO Time with a focus on empowerment, community-building, and ensuring that every team member feels valued. As the GOVVI community continues to flourish under their leadership, the stories of Carrie and Angel serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.


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